Athena Too (Selectable Female PC)

I love it when we get new authors here. Well, we got another one. Kristy Kistic makes her FileFront debut. Kristy is a very talented mod...


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I love it when we get new authors here. Well, we got another one. Kristy Kistic makes her FileFront debut. Kristy is a very talented modder who we’re grateful has made her way here to post mods. I look forward to her future releases.

Over the last year that I have been a regular here, every now and then a “Picture of the Day” (PotD) would show up and there was an unfamiliar female head option that would show up rarely, or it’s in a screenshot of a mod that doesn’t focus on the head, but was there, and then people would ask that common question when you see something you want, “Where did you get that head?”

For those who are reading this review and have been in this situation and never got your hands on that head option, your wish has come true. The new head option has is called Athena Too, which is for the sequel to 2003’s game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. We are getting the most recent upgrade of it as it is the 1.3 version of the mod which has lots of new features to it for those who are familiar with this mod and have downloaded this head before.

This head has some nice soft features to it with the light blond hair and the really light blue eyes. But if you turn to the dark side, she really looks evil. Now, the new feature for this release you get different hair and eye colors to choose from. What’s also new is the clothing option she gets which is based off the people of Onderon. However, if you turn to the dark side, you have the traditional head changes from the original release. You also get some really sexy underwear to wear, which is a new feature. :naughty:

This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation and necessary .2da file merging. Please take the time to read the readme for instructions, especially if you want to change your hair and eye color. Enjoy this fantastic head option. :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'athena_too_13.7z' (4.41MB)

Mod:		Athena Too (Selectable Female PC)
Version:	1.3
Date:		12-14-2006
Author:	Kristy Kistic
Last Build:	12-14-2006
Game:	Kotor 2 TSL


You may install this mod cleanly or update previous versions to version 1.3. By default it is set for a clean install. If you want you want to update, however, you will need to copy the changes.ini file from the changes.ini update to 1.3 folder to the tslpatchdata folder. (You do want to overwrite the file.) It shouldn't hurt anything to update by using the installer as is, but I wouldn't test that theory. (Your 2da files may suffer for it. - backups will still be made, so don't get scared.)


Use the provided program to delete the files. Restore your 2da files manually.

What's New in Version 1.3

•	Added a new underwear model / textures. Kinda skimpy... (I thoroughly dislike the previous textures, and I think I'm over the let's try to max out the reflectiveness of the texture phase I went through...I really dislike some of my previous works.) 
•	Added 5 new hair / eye / lip makeovers that you can change in game. (These only work as a light side pc. ANY darkside transition will fall back on the old textures. It would take way too many textures and megabytes to make new transitions for all 5 new makeovers. Maybe I'll do it one day, but not likely.)
•	Added a new clothing model. The clothing texture changes depending on which head appearance your using. (6 heads / dresses total.)
•	Original Blonde Hair / Blue Eyes in a red dress with black trim.
Auburn Hair / Blue Eyes in a floral print dress.
Black Hair / Black Eyes in a white dress with red trim. 
Brown Hair / Brown Eyes in a blue dress with black trim.
Red Hair / Green Eyes in a green dress with black trim.
Silver Hair / Pale Bluish-Silver Eyes in a black dress with white trim. 

How to Change Hair Colors:

This mod comes with 5 utis. 

These have been implemented as belts. I chose not want to make these into armbands because my armband slots are always in use. And you have to keep the belt equipped for as long as you want to use the hair color.These were not implemented in game, so you must use the giveitem cheat. (Or use my Kotor Console Helper.)

giveitem kk_athenahead_01
giveitem kk_athenahead_02
giveitem kk_athenahead_03
giveitem kk_athenahead_04
giveitem kk_athenahead_05

Belt Attributes:

Dexterity +2
Security +3
Persuade +3
Repair +3
Computer Use +3
Awareness +3
Stealth +3
Immunity: Stun, Fear, Horror
Only equippable by the PC

Hope you enjoy this mod and may Jesus bless you.


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1 year ago by Jacob Robinson

Did not work; it gave me a Duros disguise instead, and the other belts crashed my game. What did I do wrong? 

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