Bao-Dur as a Sith Soldier

This mod will replace the model of Bo Dur with the Sith Soldier.


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This mod will replace the model of Bo Dur with the Sith Soldier.

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Download 'bo_dur_as_sith_soldier.rar' (44KB)

Authors name : James Edwards.

Authors Contact: [email protected]

Mod Name: Bo Dur as Soldier.

Length of time to make : 30 min.

Description of Mod:I know its nothing much but this mod replaces the model of Bo Dur with a Sith Soldier.

Files included: appearance.2da ; Readme.txt ; PO_PBaoDur.tga ; Bo Dur as Sith Soldier.kmm

Installation: Place the appearance.2da and PO_PBaoDur.tga files in your override file, if you do not already have it made it is in the kotorII main folder. Or simply use the mod manger and open up the kmm file.

Thanks: Thanks to PisOgPapir for telling me how to mod.

Removal: Delete the files fromt the override drive.


This Mod is not supported by LucasArts or Bioware. Do not contact themf or support of this mod. This mod and all files belong to LucasArts and can be used in any combination mod of their choosing.

LucasArts is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademakrs of Bioware Corp.

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