Bao-Dur Dark Side Reskin



This is a dark side reskin of Bao Dur. With the three stages of dark side decay, he becomes more and more like Darth Maul. For you Dark Siders out there and Maul fans, you might want to look into this. I always wanted a Darth Maul look-alike in my party:p

- MasterN64



Just unzip/ copy and paste all the files into your override folder, if you dont have one, make one, in you star wars knights of the old republic II: The Sith Lords folder.

This mod has darkside transitions for bao dur, made to look smoother than the others, and the last transition makes him look more like Darth Maul

just remove all the files listed below from your overrides folder.


P_Bao_DurHD2 -  3rd and final darkside transition
P_Bao_DurHD1 - 2nd darkside transition
P_Bao_DurH  - 1st darkside transtion

thanks goes to Darth333 for her modding guides
	       Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool
	       Tk120 for the save game editor (which i now use when I make/download a mod)
	       also I'd like to offer thanks to the wonderful people who made The GIMP art program for 			Windows(freeware, if youd like to download that go to www.google.com and search for gimp, I think the gimp site is www.gimp.com but im not sure) and last but most definantly not least I'd like to thank ALL the people who post on holowan laboratories and ALL the people who made various guides for doing this

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