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For those who are still looking for armor for Bao-Dur to wear as a Jedi that doesn’t restrict his Force Powers when you train him, ChAiNz.2da has created an answer to that problem. This armor has good bonuses (find out what they are in the readme) that help enhance Bao-Dur’s combat abilities, not just give him unlimited access to Force Powers. Also it give a max Dexterity to +8. The only way that this would interfear with Bao-Dur's if Bao-Dur has his defense set over 26. Not many people have his Dexterity set over that.

To get access to this wonderful piece of armor (which is restricted to just Bao-Dur), you will find it at the first hidden cache you come across. It will initiate a conversation with Bao-Dur and he will then equip the armor. There are also light and dark side choices in that conversation. ;) If you’re past that point in your current game, and you have your cheats activated, just type “giveitem bao_armor” (without the quotes).

This mod uses the TSL Patcher, so that it will combine the baseitems.2da file that you are possibly using to combine any files that needed to be combined. Very handy to use this installer for those you do not have any modding skills.

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[email protected]  (please put 'Kotor' somewhere in the subject)

Mod Name:
[TSL] Bao-Dur's Charged Armor by ChAiNz.2da v1

Length of time to make:
2 days

***   Under NO circumstances is this, or any of my other,
***   mod(s) to be posted on ANY site other than by myself.


Considering the fact that TSL doesn't allow Bao-Dur to wear robes as a Jedi, and to add insult to injury, dies fairly quickly in a fight, hehehe... I decided to at least give him something decent to wear. As a Jedi, or a "not-so-great" techy fighter, this armor should at least even the odds...


Knowing Bao was vital to the war effort & a gifted man of science, moreso than battle... General <FullName> commissioned Bao to construct himself some armor capable of withstanding the heat & pressure of both Malachor V and the atrocities of war itself.

Bao knew in order to fashion armor capable of withstanding heavy attacks it would have to be significantly powered. The problem was, there wasn't readily available, nor renewable, sources of power on the field of battle. It was then he realized a more significant value to his remote. 

With ingenuity and a handful of luck, Bao was able to synch one of the remote's power subsytem generators to "transmit" or radiate a small, unique frequency power field.
Specialized plates on Bao's armor collect this radiation, process it and runs it through microscopic amplifiers arrayed throughout the armor. 
The processed energy is then used to power the armor's functions and generate micro repulsor fields to withstand numerous forms of attack.

Just one of the many tiny secrets why Bao-Dur is hardly ever seen without his remote close by...

A "bonus" side-effect of the armor's construction is it's ability to "soak" a limited amount of enemy fire & process it much in the same manner as the remote's power field.

It is rumored that Bao-Dur studied the works of another gifted engineer & Jedi, Segan Wyndh. Though unconfirmed, Bao may have implemented some of Segan's designs and "unconventional" methods...

** This armor will allow the usage of Force Powers & accept "Heavy Armor" upgrades **


- Restricted to Bao-Dur
- Base AC 8
- +2 Defense, for a total of AC 10
- Max Dexterity Bonus +8
- Damage Reduction, +5 Soak 30
- Damage Resistance, Universal 30/-
- Improved Saving Throws, All +2
- Immunity, Critical Hits
- Accepts Heavy Armor Upgrades
- Allows usage of Force Powers


If you haven't done so already, create a folder named "override" (without quotes) in your KotOR II directory.

**- this mod uses a baseitems.2da file. If you are already using such a file, please read the disclaimer below. It's VERY important that your .2da file isn't located within a sub-folder of your override directory!

***  IMPORTANT! The installer will NOT look for existing files within sub-folders
***  of the Override folder, just in the Override folder itself. If you have
***  modified versions of any of the above listed files (except dialog.tlk) sitting
***  in sub-folders, move them up into the Override folder before running the
***  Installer. This is to avoid ambiguity in case several files with the same
***  name exists in different folders.

Next, run the installer application named "Install Bao-Dur's Charged Armor.exe" that came with this mod. This will update the necessary game files and install the Mod into your game. Make sure that there is a folder named "tslpatchdata" present in the same folder the Installer application is. This folder contains essential data files the installer needs.

Note that you must run this installer for the Mod to function, simply copying the files from the "TSLPatchData" folder will NOT work.


1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:

giveitem bao_armor

2-) Press "ENTER"

** For the Anti-Console,

On the surface of Telos (Restoration Zone) you'll come upon a few "Hidden caches". When you approach your 1st cache, Bao initiates a dialogue. Just follow along and he'll equip the armor after the conversation. Depending on your choices, you'll be awarded a small amount of Lightside or Darkside Points.


When you run the Installer initially, it will create backup copies of any existing files it modifies**. These files will be placed in a new folder named "backup", located in the same folder as the Installer. To uninstall the mod, delete any files that were placed in your Override folder, then copy the content of the Backup folder back into your override folder.

The following files were added to your Override folder when you installed this mod:

baseitems.2da **


Super-Special thanks to:

[] stoffe -mkb-
For providing the most excellent TSL Patcher application! Thanks to him, you guys and gals don't have to worry about editing the .2da's, compatibility issues & other headaches involved with many of my mods.. hehehe. Oh yeah, and also for "adopting" alot of his readme lines due to this new installer... (still getting used to it)...

(*) Read about the TSL Patcher/Installer here:

(*) Download the TSL Patcher/Installer here:

Special Thanks to:

- Holowan Laboratories for all the great resources!

- Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool app, outstanding!

- Darth333 for the wherami armband

- Roboius for the GFF Editor, a great supplement to Fred's Kotor Tool

- To everyone else I may have forgotten, and to all who have tried this mod out (or at least got this far in the readme)...Thank you!


This Mod is not supported by LucasArts, Bioware or Obsidian. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. 

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and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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