Bao's Strengthening Implant

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Ah, another item mod. Items are pretty simple to make, and so naturally they're usually the first thing that modders learn how to make. Gábor89 adds yet another item to the pile, but this small package packs a lot of punch. Why am I alliterating? :D

Anyway, as I was saying this mod adds a single item to the game: an implant specially designed for Bao-Dur (you know, the guy with horns who never talks ;)). Gábor89 thought the Iridonian mechanic could be a little tougher, so this implant will boost Bao's attributes, as well as give him quite a few bonus feats, including the ability to wield a lightsaber before he's a Jedi.

Not much more to say than that. If you're interested, give the mod a download and test it out.

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.




AUTHOR: Gábor89
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Bao's strengthening implant 
SIZE: 2,45 KB

Knights of the Old Republic II



I always thought, Bao-Dur is not a big fight artist. :D (I know, not only he :D) 
I did a mod, which give an Implant for Bao-Dur. This will make him stronger. 
And one of the interests, that Bao-Dur can use ligthsaber too, when he is not a Jedi yet.
You can get this implant if: You write into the invisible cheat console: "giveitem e_imp2_77"
Or with savegame editor.

I hope you will enjoy this mod.

Install: Just drop the file into your Override folder.

Unistall: Delete the file from the Override folder.

BUGS: None



Mindig úgy véltem, hogy Bao-Dur nem valmai nagy harcművész. :D (Tudom a többiek sem :D) 
Ez a mód ad Bao-Durnak egy beültetést, ami erősebbé teszi. 
Továbbá, itt már akkor is használhat fénykardot, mikor még nem képezted ki Jedivé.
Kétféle képpen kaphatod meg a cuccot: 
Vagy beírod a láthatalan cheat konzolba, hogy: "e_imp2_77"
Vagy savegame editorral.

Remélem élvezni fogod.

Telepítés: Csak másold a fájlt az Override mappába.

Törlés: Töröld a fájlt az override mappából.

BUG: Nincs

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