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As you can no doubt tell from the screenshots, this mod reskins the lightning tier of Force powers. The author had the right sentiment in mind - they always looked too purple to me - but I think he overdid it a bit. The blue could stand to be less vibrant.

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-Emperor Devon

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ightning for TSL By Assassing3


this simple file will turn The Simple Force Lightning color ,
that looks a little pale in TSl to A more Blue shaded one (to reflect the movies)


Just drap and drop the file in the archive (not the read me)

then pick a lightning power

Shock,Lightning or Force Storm 

or if you have -Stoffe (RevanAnt)'s-
High Level Force Powers Mod For tsl
availbe at;43066

Force Strike and Chain Lightning Make greats powers for this mod

As chain Lightning KNocks the enemy Down Just Like IN Episode 3 what Darth Sidious did to yoda
Knocking him all the way across the room
it really is a great mod for tsl

Known Bug
The conjure of force powers will look lighter then the lightning will as i could not change the conjure fx
without making other force powers look weird  expesicily Death field PInk and blue not so nice looking


Thanks go to 
The Maker of Kotor tool

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