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Let’s face it. We’re cheaters. If you’re going to argue with me, then why are we here? Modifying your game is cheating. I can admit it. I’m a dirty rotten little cheater when it comes to my Knights of the Old Republic games. I couldn’t help it after I beat the game in a non-cheating fashion ten times. I need to for replay value. From the looks of it, thousands of people out there are cheaters too. Some of us like to go further with cheating than others.

If you’re a type who holds no limits to how far you want to cheat, Mandalorian16965 is your man at this moment. Let’s face it, getting a lightsaber, any type of lightsaber whenever you want is like one of the ultimate cheats. Heck, if you’re pretending you’re not a cheater because you won’t type in a lightsaber in your cheat console, but will justify it with a mod as not cheating, then, yes download this.

This third version of Mandalorian16965’s mod is for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. If you really don’t like typing in the cheat console because it makes you feel guilty, but want any type of lightsaber at the beginning of your game when you’re not suppose to have one thinking it’s not really cheating, then go for it. That’s why certain mods are made to accommodate those types of people because I know people will download it because people were downloading version two like crazy because many feel guilty about typing in the “giveitem” code in their personal game. Well, there’s a twist for all of you that are like that. You will need the cheats for this one. Because you don’t use the chemical lab anymore to make your lightsaber, it’s now a wrist console and you have to cheat to get it. :lol: So here it is, giveitem saber_console. }> Okay, you can use the KSE if you need to if you really don’t use to use your cheat console.

Other good news about this besides being a wrist console instead of having to find a chemical lab so you can make a lightsaber whenever you feel like it is some spelling (like viridian) and punctuation has been fixed from the previous version, but still needs some work. You can also get some special custom lightsabers that the game has like Freedon Nadd’s short lightsaber. Well, enjoy the new updated mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Build a Lightsaber (version 3.0)
(for SWKotOR2:The Sith Lords.

Email: [email protected]

Many Thanks to SithRevan For making the Spells.2da and .Uti file for the console, without him this would not be possible.

Build a Lightsaber 3.0 for SWKotOR2 TSL

1. What is this?
2. What is new?
3. What did you not change?
4. How do I install it?
5. How do I use it?
6. How do I uninstall it?
7. Troubleshooting
8. Special thanks
9. Permissions

1. What is this?

This is the 3rd and possibly final version of my very popualar Build a Lighsaber. Previous versions can be found here:


This mod is compatable with:
 The TSL hak pad by ChAiNz.2da
 The Warping Console by SithRevan

2. What is new?

- i have added the ability to use it whenever you want. You no longer need to go to a medlab but you can use the
Saber Console 3.0!
********************************************************** Thanks to SithRevan for this! to spawn the console you need to have cheats enabled and type in the cheat console:

giveitem saber_console

- I have added a few more lightsabers. These include:
~ The custom saber for your Pc head.
~ A Dark Jedi Saber.
~ Visas Marr's Lightsaber.
~ Freedom Nadd's Short Lightsaber.

- I have added the ability to modify all your party's Influence with you. You can add or remove any party members current influence with you. Just make sure they are in the party at the time!

- i have changed the spelling of "virdrin" to "viridian" :D

3. What did you not change?

- I have not changed any of the 2.0 Scripts because they worked fine!

4. How do I install it?

To install you will need WinRar. You can get it at:


Unpack all the files and clicky on the Installer!

The installer will do the rest!

In the event of it not installing properley. You will need to copy all the files from "tslpatcher" to:

LocalDisk (C:)>Program Files>Lucasarts>SWKotOR2>Override

Of course it won't hurt to put the screens and read me in the Override folder but it won't do any good either!

Some Novice users in WinRar may want to use the Wizard function. It will Put WinRar in a similar Style to Window's Explorer. You can then extract the files.

5. How do I use it?

To get it in game you can use the KSE by tk102 to put it in your inventory. OR you could type in the cheat console:

giveitem saber_console

You do not need to equip it as it will automaticaly come up in your inventory. You then click on the icon to activate the console.

6. How do I uninstall it?
To uninstall simply remove the following files from the Override folder:


7. Troubleshooting
Q: I can't equip it!
A: You don't need to see section 5 for details.

Q: I can get the console but when i click on it it dosen't activate!
A: You have another Spells.2da file that has conflicted with my one. To sort this you can reinstall my mod as it uses the TSLPatcher so you can keep the old Spells.2da as well!

Q: I can get it, activate and see the dialouge but when i want someting it is not working!
A: You have probably left a script out. Try Reinstalling. 

Q: The mod is not working!
A: There are several reasons for this:

- You may not have installed the files correctly, see section 4 for info

- You may have missed a file out or have extracted to the wrong folder.

- You may have another mod confilcting with this one! The shock the horror! If you want either mod to work properley it is best to uninstall one. See Section 5 for Uninstallation instructions.

8. Special thanks
Many thanks to Kotor files.
For being the home of all my mods since i started modding!

A big Ta has to go to Holowan labs.
For all the great modders that rest there, share thier ideas and all the great people that taught me so much about modding.

Many thanks to my Dad who bought me Corel Photoshop XI.
Thanks Dad!

Also thanks to Me and my Website!
for all the great things i have done for myself!

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