The puppet feature was introduced in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with Bao-Dur. What I mean by the puppet feature...


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The puppet feature was introduced in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with Bao-Dur. What I mean by the puppet feature is having another party member to tag along with the main party member. In the case of Bao-Dur, it’s his remote. In game scripting, Bao-Dur’s remote is a puppet. Those who learn how to script can just look at the data with Bao-Dur’s remote and apply that with other party members.

Our favorite Princess is back. Princess Artemis returns to the modding scene with a mod that gives Mandalore companion. If you read the little story in the author’s readme me, you will learn of a story by the author that Mandalore had a pet gizka named, Cati. Apparently she had lost her former master and was waiting for an opportunity to find him again while hiding out on the Ebon Hawk. When you land on Dxun, Cati figures out where she is and makes the long and dangerous journey to find the Mandalorian camp to meet up with her master. This reunion takes place when Atton informs you that the Ebon Hawk has been repaired and is ready for takeoff.

From that point whenever you have Mandalore in your party, Cati is there too following along. Not to worry, she can keep up. Pets can be fun. :p After all, if Mandalore finds her worthy as a pet, she better be able to carry her own weight, right? ;) This does include your raid of the Ravager. This means Cati will witness your duel with Darth Nihilus. What a brave little (literally :p) soldier! Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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For years, Cati, the love-lorn gizka, had hidden on the Ebon Hawk, hoping against hope to be reunited with her favorite Mandalorian.

Then, the Ebon Hawk landed on Dxun.  Cati caught the scent of many Mandalorians, and, hoping one of them was her very own, she hopped out, following quietly behind Atton.  The journey was a dangerous one, but she finally found herself in a camp full of Mandalorians.  But was *he* there...?

She heard the sounds of a shuttle landing.  Peeking into the hanger, she saw another Mandalorian, in unique armor, disembark.  Staying to the shadows, she listened to him speak.  Her heart went all a-flutter--his voice was familiar!  And then, for some reason, the Mandalorian's helmet malfunctioned and he was forced to remove it.  Cati could hardly believe her eyes!  It was him!  She had found Canderous at last!

She vowed then to always fight by his side, to protect her one true Mandalorian love.

~~Cati Mod by Princess Artemis: AKA Mandalore Gets a Gizka~~

v1.1 Should display text for all language versions of TSL.

KotorFile Release dtae: 2/4/2008

To use, just drop c_cati.utc, gizka.dlg, mand_cs2.dlg, mandchange.ncs, mandback.ncs, st_ai_puppethb.ncs, and st_givepuppetm.ncs into SWKotOR2\Override.

Once you play through the first part of Onderon and return to Dxun, Mandalore's helmet will, erm, break, and Cati the love-struck gizka will follow the now unmasked Canderous where ever he goes and fight along side him.  She has similar stats as Bao-Dur's Remote, with a selection of melee attacks, but she'll hide while aboard the Ebon Hawk.  Talk to her to gain some insight into the thought processes of gizka in love, or to have the option of changing Mandalore's helmet-he can put it back on or take it off again, whichever you prefer.  Without his helmet, Mandalore can change armors, but it will all look the same.

Sometimes Cati gets lost (she's a little faster than most gizka, but since everyone gets lost occasionally, Cati is not immune), and sometimes she can get badly hurt.  If poor Cati gets 'killed', don't worry too much about her; she'll bounce right back as soon as you move to another area.  She'll even show up on the Ravager, but you might have to find her--if you don't see her with Mandalore, open a couple doors around where he came in--Cati might have been trapped by a closed door.

This mod may conflict with other puppet mods or mods that use the puppet table (but it will work fine with my and Jiara's NPC Recruitable Dustil).  It'll probably look goofy with anything that changes Mandalore's appearance to a significant degree.

Thanks go out to stoffe -mkb- for the puppet scripts, Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool, and Lady Revan, who inadvertently started this whole Cati mess :D  Thanks to tk102's DLG/UTI/UTC Language Converter 0.5, text should display for all language versions of TSL.

This mod is available at LucasFiles, KotorFiles, and my own site; please do not upload or modify the files without my express written permission.

No copyright infringement intended against LucasArts, Obsidian, or BioWare.

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