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Mod Rating: Basic

Rtas_Vadum on their KotOR Files debut brings us a new launcher. The launcher has a dark side feel to it; it is blood red; contains the Sith Code and I think is more aimed towards Dark Side players. This launcher is effectively done, and certainly a good effort for a first mod. As with all graphic mods this comes down to taste so check out the screen shot if you think this mod is for you!

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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Star Wars
Knights Of The Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
Game Launcher
By: Rtas Vadum([email protected])


First, im going to recommend that you back up the "launcher" folder in your main game directory. This way, should you ever feel the need, just want the original launcher, etc. You won't have to reinstall the game to get it back. 

After you've done that, simply drop the files into your main game directory. Should the files unzip invidiually, simply create a folder named "launcher", and put them in there.

II. Uninstallation:

Simply remove the files from this, and re-add the originals. You'll have to if you want to play the game again.

III. Use

While i can say that this was very simple, i would still rather that i was asked before anyone that wants to, would wish to edit this in any way, with the intention of uploading it to either KOTORFiles or another site.  If a person wanted to edit this for their personal use, then i don't mind.

IV. What i've used, that isn't of my own creation:

Well, the main background of the launcher was done by me. The layout was also. 

What wasn't:
The Sith Code
LucasArts Logo
Obsidian Entertainment logo.
The SWKOTOR2 logo(this was edited slightly, however, to better fit the theme of the launcher)

Any of these i do not claim as my own.

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