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As promised, the Knights of the Old Republic II update of Shem's Custom Party Member Portraits mod is here! For those of you u...


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As promised, the Knights of the Old Republic II update of Shem's Custom Party Member Portraits mod is here! For those of you unfamiliar with the mod, Shem has replaced all of the party member portraits--and I mean all party members. The new portraits are close-up screenshots on a light-colored background, as opposed to the hand-drawn style of the originals.

Now, one of the major differences between KotOR I and KotOR II is that in K1 there are only nine party members, and that was it. Well, ten if you include Trask. ;) And you can't change any of their alignments (without cheating :P), so they have no dark side transitions. Well, in K2, everything changes. There are a total of twelve party members, several of which have dark side transitions. And of course Shem has made new portraits for each party member, dark side transitions included. Note that this only applies to the five trainable Jedi: Atton, Bao-Dur, Brianna the Handmaiden, Mical the Disciple, and Mira. If and when they fall to the dark side, they will get the Sith eyes featured in one of Shem's other mods. Visas doesn't have any eyes, so instead she gets a different color background, and she faces in a different direction. Oh, and Bao-Dur also has his dark side tattoos.

Now, remember how I said that every party member gets a portrait? Well, yup, all of them, including C3-FD, that little utility droid from the Prologue (for those of you who even play it :P), as well as temporary characters B-4D4 and Bao-Dur's remote. And even Atris gets a new portrait, even though she's not actually a party member; there is some evidence that the developers intended for her to be one originally, since they took the time to make her a portrait, and some her files have the "Player_" prefix reserved for party members. In any case, Shem decided to give Atris a new portrait, for fun (apparently :P).

And not only that, but there are a few alternates to choose from. Just like in the K1 version, HK-47 gets an alternate portrait, featuring the smart-mouthed assassin droid brandishing one of his beloved blaster rifles. Also included is an alternate portrait for Kreia her hood off, to go along with another mod Shem released, and Mandalore/Canderous with his helmet off, since Obsidian made a Canderous model with his helmet off, but never had time to add it to the game.

Not much else to say. If you like the new portraits, then click the download button now. Enjoy! :)

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Download 'tsl_custom_portraits_2.7z' (700KB)


Title: Custom Party Member Portraits for TSL
Author: Shem
Date Released: 6/3/08

Description: This is the sequel to my other portrait mod I made over a year ago.  I've learn much better techniques in how to make portraits since then.  I really had the intention to go back and do this ever since I made my Movie Style Dark Side Transition mod since I made some much better portraits for the selectable heads.

The dark side transitions are based off of my Movie Style Dark Side Transitions mod; in fact they’re the same ones from that mod and I’m satisfied with the results.  That means the dark side transitions are going to be the same as those since I’m not going to remake them.

This version also comes with an alternate HK-47 with a blaster to match what I did for the K1 version.  I also included an alternate Kreia without her hood and an alternate Mandalore without his helmet you can use.  Each alternate are labeled in their individual folders.

I also include little characters you can possibly play with such as 3C-FD, and B-4D4.  You do play with Bao-Dur’s remote near the end of the game so he has a new portrait as well.  Obsidian during early development of the game had intentions of making Atris a party member and made a portrait you can view if you have the KOTOR Tool.  For fun I made a new Atris portrait to go along with the flow.

Instructions: Instructions: Just dump the files into the override folder and enjoy.  The alternates are in their own separate folders labeled to what they’re for.


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