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One of the more popular mods that have ever been around for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has been by The Source AKA...


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One of the more popular mods that have ever been around for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has been by The Source AKA MacLeod Corp. The Source as he is called now; with the help of T7nowhere, Darth InSidious, Jae Onasi, Darth Moeller, and Commas has constructed a a very large mod that brings you a new storyline, robes, and armor. I will also mention *spoilers* in this review from the first Knights of the Old Republic so if you haven’t played it, then reading this will ruin it. However, if you’re playing Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords first, it’s going to be ruined anyway, but just in case you are too curious for your own good, you have been warned.

Without giving away too much of what happens, I’ll just say that Bastila Shan does play a role in this mod on Telos and Dantooine. You will also run into Nomi Sunrider on Nar Shaddaa. I played this mod back when it was a new mod so my memory maybe a little hazy with some of the details, which can be good because it’s sometimes better to learn things while playing it instead of someone else telling you.

You can run into Bastila just outside of the Ithorian compound on Telos if Revan was set on the light side I believe. You can talk to her and I believe if you talk to her enough she gives you something to help you on your journey. ;) Later you will be able to run into Bastila in the Khoonda Compound on Dantooine. You will also notice that Bastila is carrying a new lightsaber model too. I should say that it was introduced as new in this mod first. This new model was created by T7nowhere. Some of you will be familiar with this model as it was Bastila’s lightsaber model in Weapons of the Old Republic by T7nowhere. Yeah, it was in this mod first. ;)

There are other tasks to complete this new storyline that you can start on Nar Shaddaa. Vogga the Hutt’s compound has been changed up a bit on the Nar Shaddaa docks. Also on the docks if you explore it completely, you will notice Nomi Sunrider hanging out. You won’t be able to talk to her until you are at a certain point in your quest. Other parts of the docks have been changed around and I think there is at least one new merchant there.

Just so you know, the author replaced the 2nd female Caucasian head selection with Bastila’s and she will have dark side transitions and new portraits. You can play as Bastila in this mod. There is also some work on what I believe to be the author’s favorite head selection, the 1st female Caucasian head.

Keep in mind that this mod will be updated in the future sometime. The Source asked me to upload this to FileFront yesterday until he can get the new updated one to us. The mod does require some modding skills if you have some .2da files and the global.jrl file in your personal override folder. Links to get the tools are on the front page on the right-hand side close to the Top 20 Downloads for the week. The author does plan on using the TSL Patcher in the future release. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'daphc123.zip' (9.95MB)

Title: Dark Apprentice: Holowan Consortium (Vrs. 1.00.23)
Developed By: MacLeodCorp, Jae Onasi, Darth InSidious, T7nowhere, Commas, Darth Moeller, 
& LucasForums Community 

Since nearly the beginning of their existence, the Jedi have battled some of the greatest enemies in the galaxy.  Each Jedi follows a unique path which leads them to their fate.  For thousands of years, they have followed a strict moral code.  Now the Jedi Code hangs in the balance.  Everything the Jedi know will be challenged, and they will face the ultimate evil. .
‘There is no emotion, there is only peace.”

I. The Dark Apprentice: Holowan Consortium: (Revision)
•	The Dark Apprentice: Holowan Consortium is a content mod, which includes the following: side quests, robes, armor, lightsabers, merchants, one female darkside transition set, and non-player characters. When installed, Bastila can be played as a selectable player character and/or you can find her as a non-player character.

•	Side Quest #1 is based upon Bastila Shan, Mission Vao, and Nomi Sunrider. Five years ago, Bastila Shan went into exile. During her exile, two forces started to hunt her. One enemy is a previous companion who helped Revan and Bastila capture the Star Forge. Another enemy is from a deeper past, and this Jedi Master is seeking revenge. 
(Mission is not included, but she is a focus in some of the dialogue.)

•	Side Quests #2 & #3 are based upon two bounties that are available through Bossk. 

As you interact with the various NPCs, you will be rewarded according to your responses with items such as Lighsabers, Robes, Darkside and Lightside Points, XP, etc…

•	Merchants – Two new merchants were added to the Nar Shaddaa Docks. While visiting these merchants, you will be able to purchase rare robes, armor, crystals, and HK-47 plot parts.

While creating this mod, I also rearranged, edited, or added items to Telos (Residental & Medical Module 082), Dantooine (Khoonda & Khoonda Grounds), and Nar Shaddaa (Docks). See below for a brief rundown on changes.) 

(The story is inspired by RedHawke's: KotOR I: Make Mission a Jedi Mod.)
(Please follow the installation instructions closely.)

In this section, you will find a list of custom items and textures. 
These items were created by various modders who have contributed to this mod. 
(See Section XI for Developers.)

Items (ROBES):
• (2 M/F) Dark ‘Apprentice’ Robes: 

• (2 M/F) Dark ‘Jedi’ Robes: 

• (2 M/F) Dark ‘Padawan’ Robes: 

• (2 M/F) Mission’s: Dark ‘Apprentice’ Robes: 
(Uses D’APP’R Icons and Textures)

• (2 M/F) Exile’s: Dark ‘Jedi’ Robes: 
(Uses D’JED’R Icons and Textures)

• (2 M/F) Dagobah ‘Exiled’ Robes: NEW

• (3 M/F) Nomi Sunrider’s Armor: NEW

• (1) Dark 'Apprentice' Lightsaber: 

• (1) Bastila's Lightsaber: 

• (1) Battle Lightsaber: 
(Uses D’APP’L Icons and Textures)

Within this section, you will find a list of items that were added to the modules.
These items are packed into the module files.

Telos Module (204TEL.MOD): REVISION
• (1) Bastila - Lightside: (Non-Player Character)
(See below for textures.)

• (1) Onderon Escort: (Non-Player Character)

• (1) Other Module Changes (But Not Limited To):
 (Also includes dialogues.)

Dantooine Module (601DAN.MOD): REVISION
• (1) Sith Bounty Hunter I: (Non-Player Character)

• (1) Sith Bounty Hunter II, III: (Non-Player Characters)

• Other Module Changes (But Not Limited To):
(Also includes dialogue.)

Dantooine Module (602DAN.MOD): REVISION
• (1) Bastila - Darkside: (Non-Player Character)
(See below for textures.)

• (1) Sith Bounty Hunter IV: (Non-Player Character)

• Other Module Changes (But Not Limited To):
(Also includes dialogue.)

Nar Shaddaa Module (301NAR.MOD): NEW ADDITION
• (1) Sonia: (Non-Player Character)

• Other Module Changes (But Not Limited To):
(Also includes dialogue, and some scripts.)

Nar Shaddaa Module (303NAR.MOD): REVISION
• (2) New Merchants: (Non-Player Characters)
Derva Dobo: merc_da2.utc, m_202_001.utm
Gredvik: merc2_da2.utc, m_202_001.utm
(Merchants sell rare  robes, armor, saber crystals, and HK Parts.)

• (1) Dia: (Non-Player Character)

• (1) Jedi Master: Nomi Sunrider: (Non-Player Character)

• (3) Sith Bounty Hunter V, VI, & VII: (Non-Player Characters)

• (1) Bossk: (Non-Player Character)

• (1) 4Lom: (Non-Player Character)

• Other Module Changes (But Not Limited To):
(Other NPCs were added to Vogga The Hutt’s Place.)
(Also includes dialogue, and some scripts.)

IV. Textures (CHARACTERS):
Within this section, you will find a list of textures that were redesigned for Bastila and the PC. 
These textures were created to replace the in game skins. You will find these in the ‘Override’ folder.

• (1) Bastila: (Non-Player Character)
N_JediMemF01.tga (Lightside Clothes)
N_JediMeF01.tga (Darkside Clothes Choice I)
N_JediMeF01.tga (Darkside Clothes Choice II)

• (1) Bastila Head: (Player Character)
P_BastilaH04.tga (Head Transition I)
P_BastilaH04d1.tga (Head Transition II)
P_BastilaH04d2.tga (Head Transition III)
po_PFHC02.tga (Head Transition I – Icon Profile)
po_PFHC02d1.tga (Head Transition II – Icon Profile)
po_PFHC02d2.tga (Head Transition III – Icon Profile)

• (1) Caucasian Female ‘One’ Head: (Player Character)
PFHC01A.tga (Head Transition I)
PFHC01AD1.tga (Head Transition II)
PFHC01AD2.tga (Head Transition III)
po_PFHC01.tga (Head Transition I – Icon Profile)
po_PFHC01d1.tga (Head Transition II – Icon Profile)
po_PFHC01d2.tga (Head Transition III – Icon Profile)

•	When installing this mod, there are some choices you can make: 
	Bastila’s Darkside Clothing: You can choose to install one out of two versions: 
Blue or Black: (See: Textures Characters Section Above.)
	Nomi Sunrider Armor: You can choose from two similar sets of armor for the female characters.
	Caucasian or Diversity.
Caucasian Female ‘One’ Head: You don’t have to install the new female darkside transition head.
(All items are found in the ‘Choices Folder’.)

V. Tips for Installation: Important!
•	Override Folder: In order to install, you must empty the supplied override folder into KotOR II’s override folder. (Without the subfolder provided.) 

•	Module(s) Folder: In order to install, you must empty the supplied modules folder into KotOR II’s module folder. (Without the subfolder provided.) Warning: When you install the module files, you must remove and backup the following items:
		204TEL.rim, 204TEL_dlg.erf, 204TEL_s.rim
		601DAN.rim, 601DAN _dlg.erf, 601DAN_s.rim
		602DAN.rim, 602DAN_dlg.erf, 602DAN_s.rim
		301NAR.rim, 301NAR _dlg.erf, 301NARL_s.rim
		303NAR.rim, 303NAR _dlg.erf, 303NARL_s.rim
(Do not throw the above away. If you want to uninstall this mod, you must return theses files to the modules folder.)

•	Choice(s) Folder: In order to install, you must empty your choice from the ‘You Choose’ folder into KotOR II’s override folder. (Without the subfolders provided)
(See under the section called: ‘Installation Choices’ for your options.) 
VI. Tips for Un-Installation:
•	In order to uninstall this mod, you must remove all the above listed items, and reinstall the backed up modules that originally came with the game. They are listed above.

VII. Tips for Trouble Shooting:
•	In order to install this mod,,you need an override folder in your Knights of The Old Republic II directory. If a folder does not exist, you need to create and label a new one. 

•	 In some cases, there may be similar elements used in another mod. If you have another mod with similar labeled items, this mod will override your existing files. Therefore, don't forget to backup your files.

•	Heads.2da - Edits:
	Line 37: (Original)
	PFHC02 - PFHC02 - PFHC02D - PFHC02D3 - PFHC02D2 - PFHC02D1 - **** - ****

		Line 37: (My Bastila Changes)
		P_BastilaH - **** - P_BastilaH04d2 - P_BastilaH04d1 - P_BastilaH04d1 - P_BastilaH04d1 - **** - ****
•	Appearance.2da - Edits:
	Line 33: Jedi_Council_Member_Female: (Bastila Changes)
		Under rows: Normal Head and Back Up Head: I changed the defaults to 37.
		Under all Texevil Rows: I added the following: N_JediMeF

•	Globalcat.2da - Added:
	Line 999: 000_DAP_Bastila
	Line 1000: 000_DAP_Bounty
	Line 1001: 000_DAP_Bossk
	Line 1002: 000_DAP_Bossk2

•	Global.jrl - Added:
	Line 117: 000_DAP_Bastila
	Line 118: 000_DAP_Bounty
	Line 119: 000_DAP_Bossk
	Line 120: 000_DAP_Bossk2

IX. Upon Creation:
•	While creating this mod, I utilized the following programs and wish to thank their creators:
KotOR Tool - by Fred Tetra; Where Am I? Band - by Darth333; DLGEditor/GFFEditor - by TK102
X. The Developers:
•	If I didn’t have the patience and help by the following modders, this mod would not have been possible. I thank each and every one of the people who helped in the creation of the Dark Apprentice series.

MacLeodCorp. (Mod Coordinator)
Responsible for scripting, module editing, story development, and dialogue creation. 
Contributed the following textures: Dia’s Clothes, Bastila’s Clothes and Darkside Transitions, PC Darkside Transitions, Nomi’s Clothes, Dagobah ‘Exile’ Robes

The most important people are listed here:

Jae Onasi (Editor and Beta Testing)
Responsible for dialogue editing, story editing, and the testing of mod functionality and playability. 

Darth InSidious (Beta-Testing)
Responsible for testing the functionality of mod execution and playability.

	T7nowhere (Lightsaber Developer)
	Responsible for the development of various lightsabers.
	Contributed the following: Bastila’s Lightsaber and the Dark Apprentice Lightsaber.

	Commas (Robes Developer)
	Responsible for the development of texture for robes.	
	Contributed the following: Dark ‘Apprentice’ Robes, Dark ‘Padawan’ Robes
	(Also includes any other robes that use similar texture files.)

	Darth Moeller (Robes Developer)
	Responsible for the development of texture for robes.
	Contributed the following: Dark ‘Jedi’ Robes
	(Also includes any other robes that use similar texture files.)

	Darth333 & ChAiNz.2da (Script Guidance and Advice)

	LucasForums.com Modders (Revision Feedback Encouragement)
I thank everyone at LucasForums.com for their support, feedback, and encouragement. Without the forums visitors and contributors, there would be no revision. Thank you all.

1.00.01	– Git  file would reset levels. Forgot to place .git files into modules. Fixed.
1.00.02	– Robe textures replaced in game robe textures. Fixed.
1.00.03	– Read me file needs Appearance.2da and Heads.2da edit clarification, so others know what was altered. Fixed.
1.00.04	– Original maps and promos are now outdated, and they need to be changed. Done.
1.00.05	– Dialogue changes that link story from Telos to Nar Shaddaa.. Fixed.
1.00.06	– Commas texture color fix for ‘Dark ‘Jedi’ Robes. Fixed.
1.00.07	– Merchant script issue, which prevents the inventory to fire. Fixed.
1.00.08	– Add voiceovers to all alien characters. Fixed.
1.00.09	– Robes and armor icons need to be made. Fixed.
1.00.10	– Finish descriptions to items. Fixed.
1.00.11	– Female Sith Bounty Hunter on Dantooine needs to be noticed. Made her attack on entering the room. Fixed.
1.00.12	– Add specifics about Dark Apprentice I’s elements to new read me. Fixed. 
1.00.13	– Need to alter the dialogue and datapad for unk_b and unk_datapad. Also relocate them on Dantooine. Done.
1.00.14	– Added two new Sith to Dantooine. Done
1.00.15	– Need to find out about .utis… Do they belong in modules, or do they go in override folder. Done
1.00.16	– Added: Missing Bastila Darkside outfit: Blue Set. Fixed.
1.00.17	– Fixed: Dialogue Inconsistencies on Telos, Dantooine, and Nar Shaddaa. Fixed.
1.00.18	– Enhanced & Extended: Bastila’s Dantooine Dialogue. Fixed.
1.00.19	– Added: Journal Entries and Datapads. Fixed.
1.00.20	– Added: New Dialogue – Learn Force Powers. Fixed
1.00.21	-  Added: Bounties – Sonia and Von’torn. Fixed.
1.00.22	– Added: Nar Shaddaa Module. Fixed.
1.00.23	– Fixed: Created Dialogue Lockout. Fixed.		

XI. Jedi Master Nomi Sunrider Theory:
•	During my online research, I have made a conclusion about who is Jedi_Master_4h. As I looked at many resources, from pictures to descriptions, I have drawn the conclusion that the cut Jedi Master is Nomi Sunrider. According to www.StarWars.com’s Extended Universe, Bastila Shan was once called Vima Sunrider. At this point in the Knights of The Old Republic series, Vima would only be a Jedi Knight. As a last second change, Vima’s concept was taken out of the original Knights of The Old Republic. Now, there are many factors that support the Nomi Sunrider theory: 1. Nomi’s robe was designed in KotOR II style. If Nomi did not exist at the time, the robes would have been created in KotOR I format. 2. All pictures from comic books to novels show two important similarities between the head model and descriptions. First, her hair style and color is an exact match to the comic book. Second, her eye color is an exact match. Since Vima would have been a Jedi Knight at the time, I can only conclude that the Jedi_Master_4h model is Nomi Sunrider. 3. Nomi’s eye color matches her robe. Both the robes and eye color are green/hazel. I hope that this sheds some light on my conclusions.  

XII. How to Uninstall (Any) Previous Version:
•	The Dark Apprentice: Gold (Uninstall Instructions) - In order to prepare for the next version of DAP (The Dark Apprentice), you will have to uninstall some very important files. Even though I have added instructions in the original version, I thought I would make a special list of files to uninstall. Since an extensive amount of the original mod has been revised, I thought it would be wise to create this list.

Suggestion: Open your ‘Override’ folder, and sort the directory listing by name.

Remove from Override Folder: (Alphabetical Order)

Remove from Modules Filder: (Alphabetical Order)

XIII. Disclaimer Notice:
•	Since it is illegal to sell game modifications, I give exclusive rights to PCGameMods, LucasFiles, and LucasForums to release, edit, or delete this mod as they see fit. Obsidian Entertainment and Lucas Arts do not support this mod. If you wish to mirror this mod, you must contact me at LucasForums through a private message under MacLeodCorp.

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