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NiuHaka is back with another head mod, for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This one alters the fourth male Caucasian...


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NiuHaka is back with another head mod, for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This one alters the fourth male Caucasian head, also known as the Obi-wan or Jesus head. NiuHaka disliked the old one and decided to make a few changes. The changes are subtle, but still noticeable when you compare it to the old one (check the second screenshot for reference). The screenshots do a better job than me of describing the changes, so I won't even bother trying, because I'm that lazy. :P As for whether this is an improvement, well, that's subjective.

The dark side transitions have been redone, but still retain that zombie look. Everything starts to grey, and the skin gets all cracked. And before anyone asks, yes, there are Sith eyes. In fact, there's a whole bunch; there are a few alternate skins for the very dark side appearance. So, if you're looking for a new head, or like the changes made with this one, here you go.

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Download 'dark_harbinger.zip' (4.96MB)

Dark Harbinger: PMHC04 Reskin.
by NiuHaka (Mitchel Tatafu) mtatafu@gmail.com
I made this reskin because it was so much fun creating
my other two (Wound in the Force & Dread Cyborg)

This was one of my favorite PC heads in KOTOR II but there was always a
few things I didn’t like about it. His eyes always looked strange to me.
The pupils were way too large and he was always looking down. It felt
to me like he didn’t dare look people in the eyes. That or he was
constantly distracted while speaking to the ladies. Also, I really hated
the way his cheeks looked. It seemed like he spent an hour powdering his
face in the morning. How pretty it made him look. Well, I hated that and
I took it upon myself to “Man” him up. Oh, and another thing that bugged
me was his pail pink skin. Now don't get offended if you have pail pink
skin. I just don't think a jedi should have pail pink baby but skin on
his face.

-Resized the pupils to make them look more realistic.

-Adjusted the pupils so that he looked forward rather than down.

-Added lines under eyes to give a more natural and manly look.

-Gave the cheeks a more chiseled look to replace the old butt cheek look.

-Added more color and vibrancy to skin.

-Redid the Dark Side transitions to be more severe and unique.

-Added three additional folders containing alternate reskins.
    -Eyes of Death (My personal favorite)
    -Eyes of Wound (Eyes like my "Wound in the Force" mod)
    -Self Infliction (Alternate version of "Eyes of Death")

Unzip all ".tga" files into the override folder.



For alternate reskins- Copy all ".tga" files from the folder that has
the name of the mod you want to use.

Delete the previously named ".tga" files from override folder

Anyone can use these files however they want. Put them in your own mod? Sure why not.
It would be nice to give me credit. I would love to see my name in someones mod.
Then again, it is just another one of the million PMHC04 Reskins.

If you do give credit, give it to me, NiuHaka. Real name not necessary.

-Be well and may the force be with you.

-NiuHaka (Mitchel Tatafu)

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