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Do you ever just talk to someone that you know won’t become hostile and you would really love to destroy them, but because they don’t become hostile, you can’t fight them because the game made it so they’re never a hostile enemy? If you’re a type that likes to give into dark side every now and then because you get ticked off at someone’s character, this mod could be something worth checking out.

TK102, the author of the famous KSE utility brings us another utility of use. This Dark Side Choker will give you the ability to choke opponents to death in the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. However, this utility will also give options to change the way it attacks NPC’s so you don’t have to choke them if you want to attack them in other ways. You can change it so it has the option to attack with using either a spontaneous combustion, or a high voltage discharge against the hated NPC.

The TSL Patcher will be used to install this mod for easy installation for those who lack modding skills. Make sure you go over the readme file for more information on how to get access to it and how to change the type of modes you want to use with it. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Really Darkside Choker for KotOR2:TSL
by tk102
circa March 2004 (originally for KotOR1)
revised for TSL using TSLPatcher  July 26, 2008

This is a cheat item that lets you blow off some steam by taking out your frustrations on the imaginary citizenry of KotOR2.  Please note that killing important NPCs (eg. gatekeepers) will effectively break your game.  You *will need* backups on hand if you use this mod.

The Darkside Choker armband was originally made back in early 2004 as a scripting experiment.  On board the Ebon Hawk, this armband will bring up a dialog that allows you to select one of 3 modes:  Choke, Spontaneous Combustion, or High Voltage Discharge.   After leaving the Ebon Hawk, the armband will target the closest creature (non-party member) and inflict the selected damage type.  

Because this affects non-hostiles, the targeting reticle is not used.  Instead the targeting is done by proximity.  Also because this armband allows you to kill NPCs that you wouldn't normally be able to, you can effectively break your game by killing a "gatekeeper".  

I had mixed feelings about releasing this mod because of the "dark" nature of being able to kill innocents in the game, but in the end it's just a game and it's entertaining sort of.  

For more information, please see the readme (intro.rtf).

To acquire:

You'll need to cheat the item into your game with
giveitem tk_choke

or use KSE to add it to your inventory.

To use:

Equip the Darkside Choker.  On board the Ebon Hawk, you can activate it to change its mode of operation.   It can choke, immolate, or electricute.  Choking works like the original choke armband / Force Choke Anyone  in that it gives a "warning shot" to the nearest NPC.  This lets you make sure that you've got the right person.  While the person is choking, reactivation will choke the person for real.  Immolation is instant death for the nearest person.   Electrocution is will injure everyone in the nearby area.    The Darkside Choker will not affect your party.


stoffe for TSLPatcher
Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool

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