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Darth Maul instantly became a likeable character when he was introduced as a Sith Apprentice in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. He’s Sith colored eyes, tattoos, and horns just made him look like an awesome villain. As we learned more about Darth Maul, we learned he was from the planet of Iridonia and his species are called Zabraks.

In the sequel to 2003’s game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a party member named Bao-Dur was also a Zabrak from the planet of Iridonia. The fascination of Zabraks has never gotten old; in fact they’re personally my favorite species in the Star Wars Universe.

Nimduril makes his FileFront debut with a new skins to replace Bao-Dur’s. The author gave Bao-Dur totally an original new look with Bao-Dur when he’s either neutral or on the light side of the Force. If you are able to corrupt him to the dark side, he has a semi new dark look and when he’s fully embraced the dark side, he looks like Darth Maul.

The idea of Bao-Dur turning into Darth Maul isn’t new, but this is a new Darth Maul look by the author. The author also did something new and if you’re wearing Bao-Dur’s default clothing on the dark side, his right arm where there is bare skin has Darth Maul looking tattoos on it very creative if you ask me. Good work! Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Bao-Dur/Darth Maul (Version 1.0)

by Nimduril

List of Content

1.	What is?
1.1	What does it?

2.	What does the .rar contain?
2.1	How do i install it?
2.2	How do i uninstall it?

3.	Credits


What is this?
This is a mod for the game "Knights of the old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords",
by Obsidian Entertainment. For beeing more precise: It is a Reskin of a Charakter
who becomes a party member of your main-character.

What does it?
This Skin will (as the "Preview.jpg" shows)
change the Tatoos of our fellow zabrak Partymember Bao-Dur into
a variation of Darth Mauls Tatoos as seen in the Movie. You can take a
look at the effect of applying this new skin to Bao-Dur by opening the "Preview.jpg".


What does the .rar contain?

Recolourations of the Body-Texture


Reskins of the Head-Texture





How do i install it?
In order to install this Reskin, all you have to do is to place all the files
(except the readme and the Preview) of the .rar into your TSL Override folder.
If no Override folder exists yet, you will have to create a new folder inside
your TSL main program folder, and rename it to "Override".


How do i uninstall it?
In the rare case that you will want to get rid of the reskin, you only have to
delete the files of the reskin in your Override folder. To prevent you from deleting the wrong files,
i suggest you read << 2. >> again: &quot;What does the .rar contain?&quot;. Those are the files you have to delete. 


Credits go to:

-	Well, what to say? It is simply the best KotoR related page of the world,
	with more modding-related knowledge than the Jedi-Archives on Coruscant ;)

Fred Tetra

-	For his amazing KotoR Tool.

-	For his initial reskin &quot;Untatooed BaoDur&quot;.

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