Darth Dementous

Darth Dementous now brings us well... Darth Dementous. This is his third recruitment mod, which uses the appearance of Darth Nihilus. Dart...

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Darth Dementous now brings us well... Darth Dementous. This is his third recruitment mod, which uses the appearance of Darth Nihilus. Darth Dementous’ class is a Sith Lord. He will very powerful Sith Lord who replaces G0-T0 (I know many people will be happy about that). He’ll be starting at Level 10 and his attributes are...

Strength 30 Dexterity 25 Constitution 30 Intelligence 25 Wisdom 30 Charisma 25

Darth Dementous has also fully embraced the dark side of the Force, meaning he will be 100% on the dark side starting out when you get him. He has lots of feats selected and has every Force Power selected in his .utc file. Some of the Force Powers in the game are granted by achievement, so don’t be surprised if the Force Crush doesn’t appear as a Force Power even though it is selected to be. You may have to use the KSE to get it.

This Sith Lord does have some decent skills starting off (which doesn’t include the bonus modifiers)...

Computer Use 10 Demolitions 10 Stealth 20 Awareness 10 Persuade 20 Repair 10 Security 20 Treat Injury 20

Darth Dementous’ conversations are limited. The author has stated he plans on doing updates to give him more conversations. Enjoy!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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By DarthDementous

This is my third recruitment mod. In this, you will recruit myself,
DarthDementous. He is (or I am) a great Sith Lord who commands massive
armies and a large ammount of apprentices. 
DarthDementous replaces G0T0. Darth's conversations are quite short and
limited in version 1.0 and have some bugs. In future versions, Darth's
conversations will be longer, better, and you will have more response
Darth Dementous is not as developed as my other 2 recruitment mods,
FOREN GORU and SARIA. But as I said earlier: There will be updates to
improve Darth.
WARNING:Do NOT submit this mod to any other site other than the one you
found it on! If you do, you will be in trouble and will face the wrath
if hostess junk food! Fear me!

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