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Well do I have a treat for you guys, I just got this mod from Darth Dementous and even though it is a remake of a recent version he put out...


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Well do I have a treat for you guys, I just got this mod from Darth Dementous and even though it is a remake of a recent version he put out 3 months ago it is more improved and more powerful than ever. I am just going to quote the version 1.2 review so you guys know a little of what I am talking about...

Darth Dementous has done another update to his Darth Dementous recruitment mod, or as he likes to refer to as himself. ;) This is the 1.2 version of his third recruitment mod, which still uses the appearance of Darth Nihilus. Darth Dementous’ class is a Sith Lord. Still the same as before, Darth Dementous is a very powerful Sith Lord who replaces G0-T0 (I can almost hear the standing ovation now). He will start off at Level 10 as in the previous two versions. If you are new to this recruitment mod, his attributes start off as...

Strength 30 Dexterity 25 Constitution 30 Intelligence 25 Wisdom 30 Charisma 25

Darth Dementous has also fully embraced the dark side of the Force, which means he will start off at 100% on the dark side. As in the other versions of this mod, he has too many feats to mention (which should tell you that he’s loaded ;)) and has every Force Power selected in his .utc file (nothing new from the previous two versions). Even though I’ve stated this before, I will mention just in case you’re new to this mod that some of the Force Powers in the game are granted by achievement, so don’t be surprised if the like the Force Crush doesn’t appear as a Force Power even though it is selected to be. You may have to use the KSE to get it.

This Sith Lord does have some decent skills starting off like in the last installment of this mod (which doesn’t include the bonus modifiers)...

Computer Use 10 Demolitions 10 Stealth 20 Awareness 10 Persuade 20 Repair 10 Security 20 Treat Injury 20

Another thing to note about this mod is that the Saving Throws section (Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves) have been at an extra 5 points each to start out and also practically an unlimited Force Power meter, so no worries about just unleashing Force Powers left and right because he won’t run out.

The author has added new conversations to this mod and now has twice as many conversations as his two other recruitment (Foren Goru and Saria) mods. Also this mod is way more developed than the other recruitment mods.

If you think you need more from this mod to want to download it, in this particular version, three Jedi Masters will now make appearances who are hunting Darth Dementous, so be on the look out for them. Enjoy people! :D

Now as you can all see from the first review of this mod it is pretty awesome and the stats are spectacular, not only that this mod features even more than the last one so you know that it will be pretty awesome. So I hope you all enjoy this as I know you all will and to the author awesome job keep up the great work.:) :thumbsup:

[New Stats] These are the new stats...

Computer Use 8 Demolitions 8 Stealth 20 Awareness 15 Persuade 20 Repair 10 Security 15 Treat Injury 22


[More new stats] Strength 28 Dexterity 25 Constitution 25 Intelligence 26 Wisdom 28 Charisma 24 Fortitude Bonus 4 Reflex Bonus 4 Will Bonus 4

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'darth_dementous_version_11.3.zip' (24KB)


By DarthDementous

This is my third recruitment mod. In this, you will recruit myself,
DarthDementous. He is (or I am) a great 'Sith Lord' (or is he?) who 
commands massive armies and a large ammount of apprentices. 
DarthDementous replaces G0T0. Now I have updated it again
and now there are over TRIPLE (!!!) the conversation choices of my 
previous versions of this mod! Now Darth Dementous is way more developed 
than my other 2 recruitment mods, FOREN GORU and SARIA. 

In this update, there are more conversation choices, Darth is less
'OVERPOWERED', and I tried to fix more bugs. There is also a new
feature: Dementuos Points. Instead of gaining Dark side points from Darth, 
you gain Dementous Points. Dementous Points are actually quite simple: They
are Darth's influence points. The higher your Dementous Points are, the
more dialogue choices there are, giving you the feeling of accomplishment
once you earn new dialogue choices. But all good things have bad sides.
The Dementous Points (DP) may be a little buggy. If there is something
wrong, please leave it in the comments section on the site this file is 
listed on. Of course, Jedi will still try to hunt you and Darth down! I advise you, though, the Jedi are very
strong, so watch out!

WARNING:Do NOT submit this mod to any other site other than the one you
found it on! If you do, you will be in trouble and will face the wrath
if hostess junk food! Fear me!

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