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Darth Dementous has finally released the 1.4 version of his recruitment mod where you get recruit... Darth Dementous, named after his user n...


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Darth Dementous has finally released the 1.4 version of his recruitment mod where you get recruit... Darth Dementous, named after his user name for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. That is one way to get people to remember you. One thing about this recruitment mod that I have noticed with the other versions is its popularity. I believe some of it has to with the fact that it replaces G0-T0. Anything to get rid of that droid is a bonus is probably its biggest appeal. When I first played TSL two years ago on my Xbox, I was surprised by G0-T0 joining your party and very disappointed because I already had a droid that fulfills the astromech droid purposes in T3-M4. I would imagine that is what most people thought. They were hoping like me to get another Jedi hopeful as a new party member instead. Isn’t that the biggest reason why we play the KOTOR games? We like using the Force and fight with a lightsaber, right? That is what my thinking was. When I finally gave G0-T0 a fair chance, I learned that he does have his advantages over T3-M4, but that isn’t the point of this mod is it?

Now, enter the author, Darth Dementous. He brings us a new Jedi... err... Sith; a very powerful Dark Lord he is. He comes in as a level 10 Sith Lord. His stats start off at 28 strength, 25 dexterity, 25 constitution, 26 intelligence, 28 wisdom, and 24 charisma. He also gets a +4 in all saving throws, +100 extra hit points, so many Force points that he would never run out in a battle. I would set his setting to Jedi support so he just unleashes his Force powers in battle. He also starts off with 8 computer, 8 demolitions, 20 stealth, 15 awareness, 20 persuade, 10 repair, 15 security, and 22 treat injury. He’s also been given too many feats to list, one of them includes Wookiee Toughness. :lol: He’s also got all the Force Powers selected, but I’ve said this before in a review that some may not show up despite that since it’s suppose to be activated by a script, which would include the Force Crush.

This version of this mod now has over quadruple the conversation choices, bugs have been fixed, as from previous versions, Jedi are trying to hunt down your new recruited Dark Lord. Also you will have opportunities to join the Dementous order. Lots of options for you to choose from if you dare go for it. And of course, enjoy this new mod. :D

There's also a mod patch for this. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Darth_DementousDanika_Dialog_Patch;73461

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'darth_dementous_version_111.4.zip' (78KB)


By DarthDementous

This is my third recruitment mod. In this, you will recruit myself,
DarthDementous. He is (or I am) a great 'Teacher' (leader) of a cult group (Order) who 
commands massive armies and a large ammount of apprentices. 
DarthDementous replaces G0T0. Now I have updated it again
and now there are over QUADRUPLE (!!!) the conversation choices of the first
version of this mod! Darth Dementous is way more developed 
than my other 2 recruitment mods, FOREN GORU and SARIA. 

In version 1.3, there were more conversation choices, Darth was less
'OVERPOWERED', and I tried to fix more bugs. There was also a new
feature: Dementuos Points. Instead of gaining Dark side points from Darth, 
you gain Dementous Points. Dementous Points are actually quite simple: They
are Darth's influence points. The higher your Dementous Points are, the
more dialogue choices there are, giving you the feeling of accomplishment
once you earn new dialogue choices. Of course, Jedi will still try to hunt you and Darth down! I advise you, though, the Jedi are very
strong, so watch out!
NEW IN VERSION 1.4: More dialogue choices (Lessons included). A super new feature:
YOU CAN NOW JOIN A PATH IN THE DEMENTOUS ORDER! Each path (Dementous Apprentice, Dementous
Order Seeker, and Dementous Soldier) has its own unique lessons and missions. You are a
Dementous Apprentice by default, but you can join one of the other paths instead.
This update goes more in depth with the storyline of the Dementous Order. You will
learn more about Darth and the Dementous Order.
Note: Once you join a path other than apprentice, you will never be able to be an
apprentice ever again!
INSTALLATION: Put all files into Override folder. If you don't have an Override foler,
make one.

WARNING:Do NOT submit this mod to any other site other than the one you
found it on! If you do, you will be in trouble and will face the wrath
if hostess junk food! Fear me!

Here is a message to my fans: If you want to view all of my mods on one page, go to my mod site. It features all of my mods, screenshots for them, and long descriptions about them. You can also post comments. Each of the links on my site lead to my mods download pages at filefront. Here is the link:


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