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Darth Nihilus Reskin

Darth Nihilus I have to say is one of the most mysterious Sith Lords in the game besides Darth Revan and it is only fair to make him look a...


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Darth Nihilus I have to say is one of the most mysterious Sith Lords in the game besides Darth Revan and it is only fair to make him look a little more mysterious. So to the point what this reskin actually does is turn Darth Nihilus into a cool looking shadowy Sith Lord even more so than he is regularly. Mandalorian16965 was actually doing a request mod when he made this and because of not knowing how to do some of he needed to do for the request mod to work he did this instead which after he decided would be a good idea for a publicly released mod. My personal opinions on reskins like this is that I like them if they are done well and well I really like this one, I like the way the colors make him look really evil. The one thing I do have to say to the author though is one good job, two I think giving the reskin a red tint over the places it has white showing would make him look a little more cool and also maybe darkening him up a little.

I do want to say awesome job to the author I know that this must have been hard work and I personally think it is a very cool mod. Now to all of the people who have come to this mod in search of seeing a realy cool reskin I have one thing to say....Enjoy people!;)

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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A KOTOR 2 MODIFICATION by mandalorian16965 :D

author- mandalorian16965
email- m16965@gmail.com

description- well this is a nihilus reskin by a request for a nom anor armour which i tried to do. :D

installation- plop the files in the override folder if you do not have one make one

comments- the author wanted a ubesse with nihilus hood and cape so i did this instead caus i cant do all that changing of all wiered files that make no sence to me :D

do what you like with it but do not repost it without asking me (i will give you permission) and inclusing this reedme :D

this was not made by obsidian or lucasarts or any of those other  game companies

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