Darth Nihilus' Robes

Sith Lords are so cool, I love the way the game creators and movie directors make them. They are just so evil and awesome looking. A lot of...


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Sith Lords are so cool, I love the way the game creators and movie directors make them. They are just so evil and awesome looking. A lot of them like Darth Sion, Darth Revan, and even Darth Vader (for the time that they created him in) had awesome looking clothing and were just SO immensely evil. That is the on thing the Jedi never had though, I mean they did look cool but not as cool as some of the Sith Lords. There also were other types of Sith Lords that just looked plain freaky; actually I should say there was one Sith Lord that took that part because really there was only one and that one Sith Lord was Darth Nihilus. He was just so freaky lookin’ that he made you think he could beat you with one swipe of his saber, but we all know that is not true.:D Anyway though speaking of Darth Nihilus lets get into the review.

To put it simple this mod that Shem made will let you get Darth Nihilus’s robes in game without having to type a long boring cheat or go through rigorous trials to get it. The robe will show up in the game twice, one on Korriban and once on Dxun. They both will be using a custom icon for these types of robes as an icon and both will have a Datapad which I don’t think will have anything to do with the mod.;) Needless to say though I am sure this will definitely be a preferred way to get these robes in game.

I really have to say Shem this is a very simple but very awesome mod. So really good job. Now to all of you people out there just dying to get you hands on this one of a kind mod... enjoy.:D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Title: Darth Nihilus' Robes
Author: Shem
Date Released: 3/21/07

Description: When I first saw the concept of Darth Nihilus' look, I thought he was the freakiest Sith Lord ever designed.  His character was not very well defined in TSL, but he sure looked cool.  Cool enough that I know lots of people want to have their custom Exile to look like him since I've read many requests over the years to have that option.

What this does is give you the opportunity to look like Darth Nihilus.  You get all the lightsaber bonus feats I could think of when designing this, so your skills with a lightsaber should be well defined.  You also get other feats to boost your character up, which even includes the Force Jump, Ignore Pain feats and some attribute boosts.  You'll also have good defense and your Force Points will regenerate quicker.  These robes are designed so only the Exile can wear them and the Exile has to be a male.  A female Exile just wouldn't make sense based on the physical design of the robes.

I do know that some people do not like to "cheat" to get their hands on new items, so I put this robe in two different places in the game.  You can get it on Korriban in the abandoned Sith Academy, or in the jungle on Dxun.  Yes, that means you can get two copies of them, but everybody plays their game differently so I wanted to give them a chance to get them ASAP.  If you don't know what to do with the extra set of robes when you get them, just either sell them or break them down into components.  They're worth a lot if you're wondering.  If you want them now and don't want to wait till you can get them through normal gameplay, then type "giveitem nihrobes" (without quotes).

Keep in mind that the Nihilus model is missing some animations.  One thing is he doesn't have animations for two-handed weapon fighting so using a double-bladed or dual weapons will make him look like he's frozen in carbonite.  He also doesn't have animations for blasters and hand to hand combat.  There are some advantages of the model not having animations if you like speed and that is security and demolitions.  Because there isn't animations for those tasks, they go so quickly, even slightly faster than T3-M4 and G0-T0 doing it.  I also made a custom icon for the robes once you get them.

Instructions: Just put the TGA, UTI and the UTP files in the override folder and enjoy having the option of wearing Darth Nihilus' robes.

Note: I made this for fun.  It wasn't hard for me to do, but after reading countless requests for something like this over time, I decided to do it for fun.  Hope you enjoy! :D


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