Darth Revans Instant Death Lightsaber



Well, sithlordrevan makes their KotOR Files début with Darth Revans lightsaber. It is a God Item, quite why you would need something like this in TSL given how broken the engine is I don't know. But for those of you wanting such a weapon here it is; The lightsaber adds feats such as Master force jump, and master duelling. damage immunity 100% against light side and of instant death.

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Mod Rating: Beginner



Installation:Put this file in your override file and when your in the game use the cheat thing and then type in giveitem g_w_sthrvansbr57. If you don't have an Override file create one! its located in your swkotor2 folder in your hardrive under Lucasarts.

Comments:Like I said its my first mod so i'm sorry if someone may have made something simmiler I didn't know D:

Permissions: I don't care what you do to it just give me credit!!!

anything you need to report or whatever email me [email protected]

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