Darth Sion Re-Skinned



This mod is a very nice reskin of Darth Sion. But i feel a bit more could have been done to it. The author has done exactly as stated in the readme - " darkened his clothes and gave him sith eyes."




Title: Darth Sion Re-Skinned
Author: Shem 
Date Released: 6/21/05 

Description: This is a reskin of Darth Sion, which I darkened his clothes and gave him Sith eyes, or I should say Sith "eye".  I made two different versions of the Sith "eye".  One to match how it is done by the Obsidian, and one to match Flashblade's Dark Side Transistion mod http://www.pcgamemods.com/10999/.  I figured people would want things consistant, and some people love Flashblade's mod, so I made a version of the eye to match it.

Comments: Comments, and feedback are always good. If you wish to tell me what you think, do it in the comments section. Your comments are greatly appreciated. 

Instructions: Just put the files in the override directory folder and enjoy the Darth Sion's new look.  If you don't have an override folder, make one.

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