Darth Sion Rotten

This is Obiwan3001's second version of the Darth Sion Rotten reskin mod that he has done and I have to say the reskin looks amazing. First o...


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This is Obiwan3001's second version of the Darth Sion Rotten reskin mod that he has done and I have to say the reskin looks amazing. First off you may notice in the screenshot that Darth Sion's eye is red which is one of the changes that Obiwan has made to this mod and is definatly a cool improvement. Here is a list of changes...

[Changes] -Left eye color is now blood red and the white part is now pure black -Darkend neck areas so both the head and body textures match up -Last but not least the darkend cracked skin on Sion's body and head plus the full black right eye

Also just for a recap on what the first one does here is the review...

Ah, yes. Darth Sion. That Sith Lord has always struck me as in a league of his own. He is definitely one of a kind. He is basically a walking corpse. Atton likes to call him, “Sleeps with vibroblades.” It is kind of fitting if you ask me. It makes you wonder what the hell Kreia did to him, or did he do it to himself? The back story on Sion’s physical appearance was never mentioned in the game. In same ways, I don’t want to know, yet I’m curious at the same time if you all catch my drift.

Well, Obiwan3001 decided to make a mod that makes him really look more like a rotting corpse for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. His skin work is one of a kind and makes him look more like a walking disease if you ask me. By looking at the screenshots, my impression was that this is going to freak some people out by his looks. That’s probably the point with Darth Sion since he’s kept alive by his command with the dark side of the Force. It now looks like is really tapping into the dark side with this reskin. Have fun with this skin.

Now as you can see with the improvements to this mod it definatly makes Sion more cool and more of a rogue Sith Lord. So to Obiwan yet agian nice job and I must say I am starting to see that you definatly have talent for this sort of thing keep up the great work and to the people...as always enjoy!:D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'dsionrottenv2.zip' (502KB)


NAME DSionRottenV2

Description : reskin of darth Sion so make him Eviler (lookin) and i like to say more darkside has rottened him.

bugs : none i hope if any email [email protected]

Whats NEW in V2 : Changed Sions left eye to be bloody red surrounded by black dead eye. Darked his head and neck in some areas to make his body and head match.

not supported by makers of kotor 1 or 2 use at your own risk, enjoy

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