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What if the character you played with in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords had so many war wounds that he looked very much like a cyborg? Well, at least in the face that is. If that is something you think would be fun, then this mod will may be something worth trying out. I also mention spoilers from the Knights of the Old Republic game in this review. If you haven’t played it, I suggest quit reading this review.

The author (NiuHaka) of the Wound of the Force head skin is back to fill your robotic needs with a new head re-skin that replaces the 2nd male Asian head selection (even though the textures say 5th) by given him some robot looking implants. Talk about being more than just a wound in the Force. :p

This is something Darth Vader didn’t need. As many of you recall, Vader needed implants all over his body except his head. Now here we have someone who just needed head implants, but not any body ones. Heck, this would have been a great excuse for Revan’s lost memories in the first Knights of the Old Republic if you think about. Maybe something like this could be made for that game. Anyway, enjoy the new head skin! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Dread Cyborg: PMHA05 Cyborg PC head.
by NiuHaka (Mitchel Tatafu) [email protected]
Creating the "Wound in the Force" head reskin was so much fun I decided to make another. This time around I targeted one of the heads that I never would have chosen before. He looked like an insane bee stung him on the eyeballs. His eyes were puffy and swolen shut. My goal was to creat something that I would chose as my characters head. This reskin makes the PMHA05 head look like his head is almost, if not completely, replaced with cybernetic parts. I'm not sure if I would ever use this head for my PC but I do think it looks cool.

-PMHA05 Head now looks like a cyborg.

-Perhaps the only part of him that is still human from his neck up is his brain...

-Cybernetic head is covered with duraplastic skin to make it look more... appealing...

-Wires and cybernetic parts are exposed at neck area.

-Not sure what else to say about this mod.

Copy all ".tga" files into the override folder.



Delete the previously named ".tga" files from override folder

Anyone can use these files however they want. Put them in your own mod? Sure why not. Not sure why you would but it would be nice to give me credit. I would love to see my name in someones mod. Then again, it is just another one of the million PMHC01 Reskins.

If you do give credit, give it to me, NiuHaka. Real name not necessary.

-Be well and may the force be with you.

-NiuHaka (Mitchel Tatafu)
[email protected]

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