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The droids were always rather underpowered, weren't they? This mod makes a number of much-needed tweaks to them, which for the most part con...


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The droids were always rather underpowered, weren't they? This mod makes a number of much-needed tweaks to them, which for the most part consist of extra feats. Their specific weapons (such as flame throwers) also now have unlimited charges, though that's balanced by how they all now have Consitution requirements. HK-47 also gets said attribute boosted to 12.

This mod may sound simple, but the changes it implements are all very much-needed ones. Definitely worth a download, and as the TSLPatcher is used you'll have no worries about compatibility.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon

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Droid Enhancement
A Mod for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
By Electro ~ 6/24/08

I. Introduction - I've always felt that none of the droids were really up to "par" when compared with the rest of your party in TSL, especially all of the Jedi (or characters who can be turned to Jedi). In particular, HK-47, his specialty being combat and yet performing rather mediocre at it in comparison. This mod seeks to change that, through various improvements, while still aiming to maintain balance. HK-47 got quite a few improvements, and a couple for the Expert Droids. The biggest change, though, was making the Droid Weapons have unlimited charges. If you want more specific info, scroll down to the In-Depth Changes section. Otherwise, have a glance at the installation instructions below, and have fun with the improvements.

Fair warning, I get really wordy when I write, especially stuff like this. So expect quite a bit of text. 

II. Installation - This mod uses the excellent TSLPatcher utility for installation. Find the "Install Droid Enhancement" excecutable. Make sure that the "tslpatchdata" folder is in the same location as the Installer (it should be unless you moved it). Run the Installer, and follow the instructions. TSLPatcher should handle the rest. During installation, a file named "installlog" will be created in the same folder as the Installer, as will a "backup" folder. Save these in case you want to uninstall the mod at a later time.

III. Uninstallation - Find the "installlog" file described above, and open it. It will list the files that were installed or modified. Those are the files you need to either replace or delete. If any of them were already present in your Override folder when you installed, they'll be found in the created "backup" folder. Take those, and move them into Override. Delete the rest. If there's nothing in backup, delete everything.

IV. Compatibility - This mod should be compatible with just about everything. None of the changed files are very commonly used in other mods. In addition, many of the changes are handled through modification with TSLPatcher. So it'll make the nessicary changes to files already present should you already have mods installed that use the same files, rather than overwriting the files altogether. Only the changes to the Droid items actually need to replace files.

V. Existing Saves - This mod won't work very well with existing saves. If you look at the list below, the only changes that will actually work will be the Expert Droid changes, and HK-47's increased Feat gain (for any levels you have remaining) and automatic skills (only if you haven't passed the "target" levels). Unless you don't have the character it changes in your party yet. Droid Weapons already in your inventory are stored in your save file completely because of the charges, so the only way to see the changes for them is to find a new weapon. A new game is recommended, though you can get around it by using cheats or KOTOR Savegame Editor if need be.

VI. In-Depth Changes - For people who want a full rundown of all the changes, here's the section for you. The following details every change in the mod.

~ Combat Droid Class (HK-47) ~
* Increased starting Constitution to 12
* Added 3 Feats at his starting level (Close Combat, Droid Interface, Precise Shot I)
* Precise Shot feats are now granted automatically at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20
* Increased feat gain rate, now on par with Scout class

~ Expert Droid Class (T3-M4 and G0-T0) ~
* Close Combat and Improved Close Combat feats are now selectable

~ Droid Weapons ~
* All Droid Weapons now have unlimited charges
* Droid Weapons were given a Constitution requirement (like Implants)

I felt HK-47 needed a lot of help. Almost everything about him was mediocre or poor, especially given the fact that he's supposed to be some advanced Assassin droid. His stats seem OK at first glance, except that Strength is completely worthless on a droid. I didn't change the Strength, since it does make some sense given his appearence and size, but I boosted his low Constitution a bit (helps with the changes to Droid Weapons too). His feats were downright disappointing for a combat-oriented character. Few starting feats and slow feat gain, and his "innate" skills hardly made up for it because they aren't very good either. So I fixed each of those problems. Yah, the automatic Precise Shot feats make him a bit like a Scout, but they ARE the best ranged characters in the game (and by they, I mean Mira). And since Mira's light-side, I figure having HK-47 share a few characteristics isn't too bad. The feat gain rate being on par with the Scout is just coincidence. I wanted to choose the middle rate of the human non-Jedi combat classes, and that just happened to be Scout.

Expert Droids are good at what they do (skills, and lots of them), so I didn't do much to them. I added Close Combat feats in order to alleviate the melee weakness a bit, though. Droids are already vulnerable to melee due to the fact that they don't have shields that protect against melee damage. The weakness is probably intended, but I don't think it needs to be so extreme. Plus the Expert Droids having at least a couple more feat options is welcome.

For the Droid Weapons... I've always viewed them as a droid's answer to Jedi Force Powers. But how can they be useful if they run out? Doesn't make much sense either, no other weapons in the game run out of ammo, why them? So I took the charges out. Most of them still aren't as strong as Force Powers, and they're usually pretty easily saved against, but at least they won't run out too. I definately didn't want them to be too powerful, though, so I also added a Constition limit to them (in addition to the Droid Upgrade Level limit). Also serves to add another stat for you to consider increasing for the droids, where before it was basically a bit of Int (or Con for HK-47) and then nothing but Dex. Makes sense too, if you consider a droids Con as its chassis strength. Better weapons need to be mounted on a stronger frame.

VII. Thanks - Huge thanks to the creators of KOTOR Tool, for the excellent utility that allowed me to create this in the first place. And special thanks to the creator of the aforementioned TSLPatcher for a much more intuitive way to install files rather than just drag/drop. I don't know who made either of them, but they know who they are :).

Thanks to Obsidian and LucasArts for creating this game that's given me hours of amusement, and probably hours more to come.

Thanks to all the other mod creators out there, enhancing the game every day.

Thanks to you for DL'ing my mod and reading through all this text, hope you enjoy the mod.

VIII. Permissions / Contact Info - This mod can be distributed freely as-is, so long as no profit is made by its distribution. If you want to use part or all of this mod in another mod of your own and release it to the public, contact me via one of the methods below. I'm not going to refuse, but I want to know about what its being used for. If you find any bugs or issues, post in the release thread on LucasForums.com or PM me there, or post on the mod download page on kotorfiles.com.

Email - [email protected] (Those are underscores, and yes, there's a second underscore after man)
LucasForums Name - ElecManEXE
KOTORFiles/Filefront Name - ElecManEXE

IX. Disclaimer - This mod is not created or supported by Obsidian Entertainment or LucasArts. Neither the previously named companys nor the mod author assume responsibility for any harm caused by the installation of this mod.

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