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May 13, 2007: Make sure you get the patch to this mod! :D


When you’re a fanatic about any game, you want to learn as much about it as possible. In case of the Knights of the Old Republic game series, you learn that a lot of content has been cut, especially in the sequel, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords when researching about the game. What is great with TSL is the cut content that was left behind by Obsidian.

One of the big things Obsidian left behind is elements of a planet that was cut from the game called M4-78. It’s a droid planet in case there are some people just learning of this.

Darth Shan thought it would be cool to do a little work on it and allow you to go to the planet and explore it and see what it’s all about. This is especially a great idea for those who are looking for something new to do in their TSL gaming. Let’s face it, new stuff leads to replay value and this mod is no exception.

There are seven different modules to explore in this mod. It’s best to just let you figure out your own experiences when playing a mods such as this, so if you want to know more, play it and find out to see if you like it. You have to get information about this planet in order access it. The readme explains what you need to get to know the planet’s location. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





AUTHOR: Darth Shan
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: TSL Droid Planet v1

FILENAME: droid_planet.rar
DATE RELEASED: 04/17/2007

This is the Droid Planet M4-78. It has been cut from the original game. This mod is not a restoration. It is a completion according to my own tastes. I hope, you like it. The planet has been integrated into the game, i.e. there is a mini quest to be solved (see extra Readme Spoilers for this). But it serves no purpose, it adds nothing to the storyline. I hope to add to this aspect when my Story Enhancements Mod has been reworked.
I hereby dedicate this mod to the staff at Kotorfiles for their excellent work.


Drop every file manually in the folder where it belongs (modules, Override, streammusic).

USM, Dark Apprentice, TSL Restoration project (highly probable), TSL Jedi Temple on new Planet Coruscant, New Tomb of Azgath on Korriban, my own Story Enhancements Mod (v2.5 - beware of the latter, it has some bugs).
- A compatible file has been included for Mavs Online Workbench and Online Shop as well as XCom's Sith Battle Simulation, all of these to be accessed through the Ebon Hawk's Security System. Do NOT use this file, if you don't have the mentioned mods installed, or you will eventually crash your game.
- The "upgrade.2da" should be compatible with most other mods (Envida, Mav-RedHawke, Impulse Crystal, Advanced Jedi-Sith Items, Segan Wyndth Armour). It adds only one new upgrade crystal to the game. Check with Kotor Tool's 2da editor if you want to be sure it's compatible with everything you already got.
- "Loadscreens.2da" is compatible with the "Tomb of Azgath" Mod and my "Story Enhancements" Mod.

What has been done here?
1. Area transitions have been made up from scratch for the main behavior cores. I decided to script exits to central area (802DRO) in order to keep superfluous distances shorter. Two other area transitions have been adhjusted, so that they actually work.
2. Dialogues have been written from scratch. In one instance (IS-24) the dialogue lines were already there, but no dialogue file. I pieced this together according to my own tastes. I used Aqualish voice-overs for the other two Archons, because this was indicated in one original utc-file.
3. Datapads have been added or modified to restrict and unlock accesses - these serve as a compensation for proper quest entries. I may add some later on.
4. New boss fights (4 to be precise) have been added. These may be pretty hard, maybe they are not. If you think these need rebalance, send me an e-mail.
5. Originally intended music has been restored via "ambientmusic.2da". I took the march from the very ending of the game as ambient music for the final area. This adds a nice touch. I named this piece exactly like the file to be found in the "TSL Music Menu Restoration" by Nur Ab Sal to ensure compatibility with this mod (get it, it's great).
6. The behaviour core areas have been moved, to get some line into playing the planet. To be precise: 805DRO has become 807DRO, 806DRO has become 805DRO and 807DRO has become 806DRO.
7. There are two versions of a new lightsaber crystal (Bondar 2), one is here to annoy you, the other to delight you. Have fun. This crystal came with the original files hacked from the XBOX.
8. I deleted some tags and placeable names (i.e. "Cheat Container" and "Test Console").
9. I added new placeables, two merchants selling droid items, and some easter eggs, for instance Revan's "Office" on the droid planet.
10. There are two production facilities which are to be used in my Story Enhancement Mod. Currently they are doing only one thing: nothing.
11. This comes with a loading screen. It is the same one for all seven areas.
12. Two cutscene dialogues have been restored on the Ebon Hawk. One is about T3 playing Pazaak with Atton, the other about Atris's assignment for the Handmaiden (if you brought her with you).
13. ATTENTION: 2 cut dialogue lines have been restored, containing some blatant sexual innuendo from Atton when meeting the Twin Suns on the Yacht. Delete "twinsun1.dlg" if you do not like things like these.

What has NOT been done?
Well, the planet does not show up on your galaxy map. You access the warp procedure by using the Ebon Hawk's security system. This has a couple of reasons.
A) My modding capabilities are too limited to implement this properly. It is simply out of my reach, at least at the moment. B) I did not want to mess up Deathdisco's files for his marvelous "TSL Jedi Temple Coruscant" which implements a new planet into the game. I think you would not be very much delighted if I messed up *two* planets with one mod. C) There is no video material which could be employed for approaching the planet. I know that there is - or rather was - a project for restoring M4-78 properly. But the site has been down for ages now. However, at the moment it is not worth the effort, in my opinion. Use this mod and deathdisco's Coruscant to have plenty of new toys to play with.

BUGS: Some minor issues. Backup every file already in use! This mod has been thoroughly tested, thanks especially to LoganEssex for beta-testing. However, there may be problems still.
1. Some area transitions do not show up immediately. But they are there, trust me. Due to limited space for your PCs to move properly, the trigger might bug. Go back some steps, re-enter the transition area, it should work. By the way: the same is the case with Nar Shadaa's Cantina. So this is not a real bug, but an issue with the entire game.
2. There are containers in 802DRO (Central Area) which never empty. I have not laid hand on these, yet. It is a minor issue, in my opinion. Maybe I will fix it in an update. Maybe I won't.
3. Scripts for disabling the minefield and overloading the turret defense in 803DRO (Environmental Control) may not fire. I radically reduced the whole string of action taking you through environmental control, since it is basically the same as on Goto's Yacht. I did not like the redundancy, so I didn't restore the Yacht mechanics to the Droid Planet. That is why the binary numbers showing up on destroying some droids are of no use to you. Ignore them.
4. There is a door in the Central Area which shows no textures. I tried to fix this, resulting in messing up the whole module. I reworked everything and left this issue like it was before. There is a dialogue line commenting on this. Sorry, nothing to be done - by me at least.
5. During beta-testing, there was an issue with the magnetic door in 804DRO not opening. I wasn't able to verify this, the dialogue uses an original script, not a modded one, so everything should be alright. However, if there is something wrong, load an earlier savegame and/or send me an e-mail.
6. You are able to spawn the T3-Holoprojection and Atris on the Ebon Hawk infinitely if you access the dialogue options again and again. So: talk to them first, if you want to respawn them. (That is why I left it this way: so you may repeatedly go through these scenes if you want to.) I will update the scripts in my upcoming Storymod Overhaul, these scenes are in here, because the dialogue options are already in the files. The scenes can't be accessed directly from the computer terminal, the dialogues ended with the main GUI disappearing, so I used spawn scripts.

1. The DRO.mod files were uploaded on pcgamemods.com by DarthRichard. I use these blank module files on the same basis as Archer in his Reconstruction of the Droid Factory. They are Obsidian's/LucasArts's, so I feel entitled to you use them.
2. Stoffe gave me permission to use her checking scripts from the "Handmaiden for Female PC"-Mod. Thanks a lot, this makes compatibility issues much more easy.
3. LoganEssex did a nitpicking beta-testing for this mod. Thank you.

PERMISSIONS: You may use this mod in every way you wish, really - except for the script "st_nohandmaiden", it's Stoffe's. Ask her, if you need it in another mod. One more thing: If you want to upload this mod in its original form on other sites, you should ask Shem for permission to do so.
If you have a good idea for a quest and implementing this planet into the storyline proper, be my guest, you hereby got all permissions you could possibly dream of.


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