Well; darth_delmarion débuts here at KotOR Files, with a mod that I'm sure those of you bored of Peragus will like. Basically it changes the droids to Sith Assassins with lightsabers. The author has also edited the Plasma Torch, so it is now a lightsaber instead, so you can pit your wits against the Sith with the weapon of a Jedi. So if you fancy something different for Peragus this mod could well be for you!

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Mod Rating: Basic



Kotor II The Sith Lords Mod:

This Mod was created by: cwby74

After several times of playing kotor 2 I have started looking for ways to improve the game play I always found the sith that you run into or therefore lack of sith that you run into not enough or fairly so weak they couldn’t barely stand on there on two feet. So I bumped the stats and gave some feats therefore improving there overall performance on fighting. Hope you enjoy. 

Whats In This Mod:

I have changed several of the droids on peragus to sith assasins and sith marauders. I have also changed the plasma torch that you loot off the corpse in the morgue to that of a lightsaber ( trust me you’ll need it.)


Create a folder in your override folder, and extract all files to there make sure it does not create a subfolder in this otherwise it will not work.  For this mod to work you will have to start a new game it will not work properly on a previously started game. 


Just delete all files that you previously installed 


I am committed on making this mod as bug free as possible I have ran through this game 4 times with this mod checking for any bugs or glitches if you find any let me know so as to help improve upon this mod.


I have had no compatibility issue with this as yet I have this installed with 4 other mods right now and it is still working up to par. But again let me know if you have any problems.

Thank you Everyone and Hope you enjoy.

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