East Asian Version of Mira



Here we got a reskin of Mira Asian style. The author changed the skin tone of Mira to Asian color on her head and torso and changed her hair color to dark. Her eyes are now dark. Mira has a blue shirt for those who like that. There are no dark side transitions for those who are a fan of those. If you’re a pure light side character, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Personally, I like Mira the way she is, but for those Asian fans out there that have been wanting this type of mod, your wish is going to come true. :D




East Asian Version of Mira

Time to make: Hours(with many distractions)

simply extract Mira Asian.kmm, PO_pmira, P_MiraA, P_MiraH 
into your override folder

if you don't have one, create one(name it "override")


*Mira's skin to yellowish tinge
*Changes neckless(has symbol)
*Dark hair
*Dark eyes
*Changing eyes
*Blue shirt(by James108)
*Her photo
*Clothing has greenish tinge

credit to James108 for use of Mira's blue shirt skin(check his readme)

If you wish to modify this mod, go right ahead, just give credit(don't worry
about asking permission)
Author: Sic_Eins

[email protected] for your hate mail lol

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