Ebon Hawk Cargo Mod

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This mod makes changes to your little home in the galaxy called the Ebon Hawk. It adds cargo containers next to the workbench and moves the lab station into the Medical bay. The cargo containers already have something in them which is 1000 components.

In the cargo bay you will also find two hidden compartments. These compartments are locked to begin with and you can get the key to open them by talking with T3-M4 about the HK droid in the cargo bay. These contain the extra parts you need to repair HK-47, and the parts to create your own lightsaber.

Overall, if your looking for some extra space to store all the equipment you collect through the game, or if your looking for a quick way to get a lightsaber and all the parts for HK-47 download now.

- Enterprise2002



AUTHOR: Bill Hickle
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Ebon Hawk Cargo Mod

FILENAME: comp.zip
FILE SIZE: 397kb
DATE RELEASED: 02/01/2006

this mod adds some plastic containers next to the workbench, places the lab station in the medical bay, and places 2 hiden compartments in the cargo 

the hidden containers contain the 2 lightsaber parts and hk parts needed after you leave telos, and some extra equipment. the lightsaber parts will update your quest so you will be able to build your saber with baodur.

the hidden containers are locked, to get the key you have to ask t3 about the hk droid in the cargo bay (only available after telos).

my previous version had major bugs in it based on items spawning when you enter the ebon hawk. this version spawns everything when atton tells you to check kreia after you leave peragus.

or if you already have a game started add the baodursaber.dlg in override folder it will spawn the containers when he asks why you don't carry a lightsaber anymore.

this mod is compatible with the ultimate saber mod and envida's smuggler compartment mod.

credit goes to JedishemL for help with the dialogue files and bug reporting.

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