Ebon Hawk LS Reskin



Well guys m16965 has done it agian and I think that you all are really going to like what he has done. This reskin that m16965 has sent into me reskins the inside and outside of the ebon hawk to what seem to be a winter blue color that I must say looks really awesome. So basically this reskin is pretty simple but really does make the ebon hawk look cool. I think personally this is a great edition to the collection of ebon hawk reskins that we have here at kotor2files.com because of the fact that it is so unique in the way it was made. One thing that first you will obviously notice about the ebon hawk is that blue color I was talking about, now the other thing is somthing you might not notice the color will actually give you a sense of being calm because of the cool color he used on it. Anyway though I think you did a great job with this reskin m16865, keep up the awesome work! Now to all of you people out there...Enjoy.;)

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author- mandalorian16965
email- [email protected]

description- well this is a very basic reskin of the ebon hawk to make it look more lightsidy. i should have done it brighter but i like it llike this. It dosent have the colour changes on the movies or loading screens but it does on the galaxy map.

comments- well sithrevan's reskin was great, and loganessex reskin was very good also i recomend both of them.

permisson- mod it for your own personal use but plz do not release it withput my permission

Not by makers of kotor/2 or lucasarts. 


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