Exile's Atris Style Robes

Before we get into the review, we should all give a big hand to mjpb3 and Oldflash for making these robes possible.

Now you're wanting to...


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Before we get into the review, we should all give a big hand to mjpb3 and Oldflash for making these robes possible.

Now you're wanting to know what I'm talking about, I'm sure. This mod gives a set of playable Atris-style robes for the female Exile. That's right! Those same robes Atris wears. Well, not the same. These robes, a Jedi and Sith version, are brown and black respectively. They also have some very nice stats, but there are quite a few of them so I won't list them here. Just take my word for it that they're handy stats to have.

You will receive these robes in normal gameplay when Kreia joins your party. Shem uses his usual wit to come up with a great way to have these puppies drop into your inventory as soon as she joins your party by placing them in Kreia's shield slots. Since this is an incompatible item for that slot, they simply "fall off" right into your inventory! Is that ingenius or what? So yes, you will receive both of these robes, relatively early on, without needing to use cheats.

"But I've already started a game!" you might say. That's where cheats or the KotOR savegame editor will come in handy. To use cheats, simply type "giveitem exilef1" for the Sith robes, or "giveitem exilef2" for the Jedi robes. Shem has also made this mod compatible with his own Prequel Style Robes mod. One last goodie is that there are two versions of this mod: one for black females and another for asian/caucasion females, so you won't have to worry about having caucasian hands if you play one of the black female characters!

This mod is a must have, as is the original by mjpb3, so if you're looking to spice up your TSL experience for your female character I strongly recommend it. No sense in letting Atris have those cool robes to herself, is there?

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'atrisrobes.zip' (1023KB)

Title: Exile's Atris Style Robes
Author: Shem
Date Released: 8/31/06

Description	: Ever wanted to use Atris' robes in TSL before?  Here is your chance.  Thanks to Mjpb3 for making a wonderfully original base to it and her permission to use the base, plus Oldflash's brilliance with model editing, I was able to release this.  I made a Jedi and a Sith version of this robe.  These robes are for females only and are restricted to just your PC.  The model files for these robes also replace Darth Revan's robe model.
To you can get these robes when Kreia joins your party.  If in your personal game you're past the point when Kreia has joined you, you get can get these robes by typing...

giveitem exilef1 (Sith)
giveitem exilef2 (Jedi)

If you are using my Prequel Style Robes mod, this mod is compatible with it.  It will prompt you to replace the p_kreia.utc file, go ahead and say yes.  There are two folders.  One is for African-American colored PC's and the other is for the Caucasian and Asian colored PC's.

Instructions: Put the files in the override folder for this mod to work.

Comments: Comments, and feedback are always good.  If you wish to tell me what you think, do it in comments section.  I do want to know what you think of my work.

Special Thanks: To Mjpb3 for allowing me to use her base to this mod, and Oldflash for the modified model.  Without their help, this wouldn't have happened.  Visit Mjpd3's website to see her wonderful collection of mods.


Terms of Use: If you want to use the work I have done in a future mod, just please give me credit for what you used.  Also you will need to ask Mjpd3 for permission.


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