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Making simple edits and releasing it to the public is a very common type of mod that first time authors like to do. This mod that is being...


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Making simple edits and releasing it to the public is a very common type of mod that first time authors like to do. This mod that is being released for the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is one of those mods. Sometimes I think the benefit of such a mod is really for those who have never taken the time to learn to mod themselves and really know their way around the cheat console. ;)

Darth_Razor is actually making his KotorFiles debut after previously releasing work over at JKFiles. This mod just adds new items in the game that you have to use the cheat console to get. The author has yet to learn how to place them, but I’m sure in time he will.

These items are focused for the Exile. This idea has been done before, but what’s new is the way this author designed it. The new belt will give you skills in demolitions, repair, security, treat injury; while giving you a nice +5 to your strength attribute. This comes with a nice defense bonus of +5 and other little enhancements.

The author made a light side only wearable robe. It will give you a hefty wisdom bonus of +10, and a constitution bonus of +5, while giving you other bonuses in defense and Force point regeneration.

The new gloves are restricted on the light side as well as they will give you a bonus of +10 to strength while giving you immunity to stun, fear, horror and critical hits. You will also get a nice bonus of in attacking and defense.

You will also get a new blaster rifle that will give you +5 in strength which to me doesn’t make sense since you don’t use your strength to defeat your enemies. Also there is a new green non-upgradable lightsaber with same added bonuses. If you check out the screenshots, you will notice that the author started out as a Jedi Guardian which traditionally do not use green lightsabers according to the game, but that doesn’t matter to me since I love the Jedi Consular class, and I prefer a blue lightsaber when I’m not on the dark side.

To get them with the cheat console, use the “giveitem” cheat and type in the name that you see on the UTI file (without typing .uti when trying to spawn the item) and you will get the items that you put in your override folder. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'exiles_items.zip' (6KB)

Author: Darth_Razor
MSN: [email protected]

info: well you should probably know what this is by the name of the file but ill tell you anyway
these are the items of the exile well kind of i just modified the items and renamed and added new descriptions
and i think someone has already made something like that if they had im sorry i didnt know.


Put all the files in your Override folder or to be bit more accurate in the directory where all your kotor 2 files are located

Getting the items in game:

to get the items you must have cheats enabled and when in game type in

giveitem(space) a_belt_99

giveitem(space) a_robe_99

giveitem(space) exile_gaunt

giveitem(space) g_w_lghtsbr99

giveitem(space) w_brifle_99


Me for making this mod

The guy who made kotor tool for making kotor tool

Obsidian and Lucas Arts for making kotor 2

And last but not least you are not allowed to claim this file as your own if you do so i will follow you home and kill
your dog.

I didnt make the items super hyper godly Uberly powerful

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