Exile Scarred Armor

Armor's throughout Star Wars history have played huge parts in characters lives in the movies and on the consoles. So when I think Armor I...


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Armor's throughout Star Wars history have played huge parts in characters lives in the movies and on the consoles. So when I think Armor I think battle scarred pieces of metal that have been hit by the crudest of the Star Wars Universe weaponry. The one thing about Kotor... and really Kotor II is that the armor in the game is in perfect shape when you get it. Not battle damaged nor scarred in any way from being hit by weapons of all sorts. That is why I think this mod that we have here is a very much needed mod because of it's simplicity and it's genius.

Now I bet you are all asking yourselves after the speech I gave up there what the heck this mod is. Well first I can tell you I don't think we seen it done before and also this mod is practical. What it does is adds armor in the game... this is simple but what it does next is the part that intrigued me the most. The author of this mod instead of reskinning this mod all sorts of neat colors actually took their time to add battle scars on to the armor itself. Quite practical and needed I would say considering nobody has ever done this before.

So for the most part I really liked this mod as it adds a logical reskin to the game that was very much needed. Now to Wolverinestabs, the author of this mod, I want to say welcome to Kotor2Files.com and that we are really looking forward to seeing some other mods come from you.;) Anyway enjoy the modification everyone.:D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Author: Wolverinestabs
Email: scoobydoo_fan96@hotmail.co.uk
Name: Exile Scarred Armour.
Credits: Just me and the help of Kotor2Files tutorials.

File Name: A_medium_07
File Size: 728KB
Date released: 4/4/2007

It is just a simple reskin of a peice of armour but my brother pointed out 
it looks the same as a certain ingame armour, so sorry bout that, I posted 
it anyway because it took me ages to do.
I hope you like it, otherwise please don't post really bad comments because 
it is the first mod I have
ever made! So please put that in mind. Anyway Enjoy! :)

Installation instructions: Just put all of the contents of the folder in the 
override and type the cheat "giveitem a_medium_07 then you will have it.

Bugs: No known bugs except there is no icon for the armour as I had no 
fitting pics so if you can please post an icon oh and sorry put I didn't do 
a readme this time as there is all the imformation in this review, although 
in the future I will put reame's in.

Permission: You may not submit this mod on any other site.

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