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You know what is missing in the Knights of the Old Republic games? How about a bank? Yeah, one of those places to get credits when you need them. Wouldn’t the Jedi Order have an account to access funds? If so, wouldn’t it be cool if you could access them, especially since the character you’re controlling is a Jedi?

Darth HK-3000 makes his FileFront debut with a really cool mod to play with. This mod adds a bank at Citadel Station on Telos for the game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, to get access to credits so you can go to any merchant a afford anything they have to offer.

There is a back story on what’s behind the bank account of the Jedi Knights; you will just need to play the game to find out. I can tell a lot of work was behind it and I’m guess based off of what I see in the files and in the screenshots that there will be no audio to some of the new dialogue in it. There is however some new Kreia dialogue. I would have used some of the non-human characters and use the audio files of their alien language so there is audio in it to make it more appealing.

Love the idea and I know a lot of people will too, especially after this week’s poll and the many people who cheat to get over a million credits. This will be perfect for the TSL gamers because right after they complete Peragus (assuming they don’t have the Skip Peragus mod), they can start loading up on credits for their journey. Enjoy the new mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




First National Bank of Coruscant mod for KOTOR II

Disclaimer: Didn't make the game, just a simple mod, not making any money.

Explanation: Just a simple mod to give you free, unlimited money, plus a chance to earn ls or ds points, and a way to learn the affect and dominate mind powers for free.

Storyline: Before the Jedi Order became extinct, they kept a very large bank account for all their needs.  When the Jedi disappeared after the war with Malak, however, the account became sealed, as no one left alive had the password.  On Telos, the Jedi Master Atris made withdrawals from the account whenever she needed funds for her plans for Telos, but always remembered to wipe the bank teller's mind of all memories of the transaction.

Installation: In the zip folder, you'll find:
Override: move everything in here to the folder marked "override" in your KOTOR II directory.  If you don't have an override folder there, you can make one, works fine.
StreamVoice: move everything in here to the folder marked "StreamVoice" in your KOTOR II directory.
Readme: You're already reading it. ;)
Source: ignore this, just the original source scripts.

Bugs: don't know of any, if you find any, or have any other questions or comments, let me know at [email protected] (2000, not 3000, even though that's my username on pcgamemods.com)

Credits: a big round of applause to Holowan Labs, Fred Tetra, Obsidian, Bioware, and, of course, LucasArts and George Lucas.

Darth HK-3000

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