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One thing that Star Wars had us in amazement is the flame thrower that Jango Fett and his cloned son Boba Fett had. Let’s just say people thought of them being more cool just for having that device on their arms to use whenever they needed to. So what if you could equip that on your PC? That is where Lit Ridl comes in and he brings this new mod for use in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

This new flame thrower will do lots of damage to your opponents. “Watch out” should be key phase in this situation. What’s neat is that now living organics can use it instead of droids in TSL. To get this new flame thrower, have your cheats activated, type giveitem flamer. Then equip the new item in the armband slot of your PC or party member and you’re ready to go. This mod will use the TSL Patcher for easy installation. Enjoy the new flame thrower! :D

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Flame thrower
 For Kotor II: TSL
Description of the mod:

- This mod adds two flame thrower, new item to the game. It makes big damage.

- TSL Patcher will automatically install the modification, and patch the 2da files if needed.
- Now you have finished installation process, it is ready to use.

Made by Lit Ridl
e-mail: [email protected]
Thanks to:
Stoffe - for his/her TSL Patcher (also it works for KI)
All in Holowan Laboratories for support

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