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Arcesious makes his debut on KotOR Files with a simple mod which adds an extra two force powers per round for the PC. So I'm sure there are those of you who would love to have every force power in the game by around level 30, and this mod is defiantly for you!

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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A mod for KOTOR II, TSL, made by Arcesious

Force Power Boost Mod

This is a simple mod in which I
edited the classpowergain.2da
file to make all Jedi/Sith classes
gain 2 new force powers at every
level up. The potential maximum is
100 powers gains in 50 levels.

Just drop this in your override folder and you're good
to go.

Hopefully this mod will become more popular once someone
makes another big force powers mod for TSL...

You'll probably get every force power before you hit lvl
30 until someone makes a mod that adds about 40 more
force powers, lol.

You have permssion to use this mod for any purposes you
wish, it's too simple of a mod for me require you to
ask my permission.

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