Foren Goru

This mod will overwrite Bao Dur and change him into a Jedi by the name of Foren Goru. It also replaces Bao Dur's remote with a kath hound, w...

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This mod will overwrite Bao Dur and change him into a Jedi by the name of Foren Goru. It also replaces Bao Dur's remote with a kath hound, which is Foren Goru's pet. There's a story behind all that, but I won't spend time going over it since it would ruin some of the appeal. There are a couple of problematic items with this mod, such as the fact that if you already have started a game and already have Bao Dur in your party, it will not change the appearance of Bao Dur or the remote. You will, however, still get Foren Goru's dialogue. There's also a problem there. It seems that the dialogue is written such that you can get infinite amounts of light side points, as there are two dialogue options that give you light side points, and they're not scripted to only do so once. Was this on purpose or accident? I don't know. However it could be considered something of a cheat for light side players.

Overall not a bad mod, and definitely has some benefits for light side players who maybe aren't such a big fan of Bao Dur. Could use some tweaking, but might be worth checking out if you're looking to spice up your KotOR2 experience in a new (or newer) savegame.


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By DarthDementous
DELETE FILES: p_baodur, p_remote, baodur, remote.
This mod is a new recruitable character, Foren Goru. Foren Goru replaces Bao Dur and
his pet remote. Foren Goru is one of the last Jedi Knights. He searched the whole galaxy
just to find you and train you. The rest is for you to find out. Will you succeed as his 
apprentice or will you stray to the dark side? It is all up to you!
This is only version 1.0. There may be bugs, although I did test it thoroughly. Please
report any bugs at this e-mail: THANK YOU!
If you copy this mod or submit it to any other site besides the one you downloaded it on,
you will face the wrath of the dark side and Hostess twinkies.

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