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Malxados returns to FileFront today, with an update to his forums teacher mod. This is basically just the original mod, but with the TSL Patcher available for use to prevent 2da compatibility issues. Here is the original review:

This mod is a new armband for your PC to wear, which, when used will allow you to learn any lightsaber or Force Form in the game. Some of you may be thinking that this will make you a tad too powerful and will unbalance the game. TSL is unbalanced anyway, so what's a little extra, right? :p

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Star Wars KoTOR II Forms Teacher V. 2

This mod gives you an armband that can teach you many force and lightsaber forms.
This was a mod request made for Darth Scorpious. With this version, I used TSLPatcher  for installation, and fixed a previous problem.

Run 'Forms Installer' by double clicking on it.

How to use:
Using the cheats, type "giveitem forms".* A console should appear in the bottom
left corner(in the shield slot). Click on it, and a computer screen should pop up.
*If cheats aren't enabled, you could use KSE

Known Bugs/Issues:
There is a delay between when the dialog screen pops up and when the options are selectable.
This may not work with the Build A Saber mod, which isn't uncommon with armbands.

Thanks and other info:
Thanks to:
Fred Tetra (Kotor tool)
Tk102 (Tools and tutorials)
Darth333 (Tutorials)
Star Admiral (lots of scripting help)
Stoffe (TSLPatcher)
Mandalorian16965 (editing/using files from his Build a Saber mod as examples)
Holowan Labs (Big thanks to the many helpful people there)
You (for looking at/downloading this)

Made by Malxados

I don't really care how you use this, as long as you ask me first.

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