Handmaiden Dark Side Reskin



This is a fairly simple yet nice reskin for those who are not entirley happy with the darkside transition for the Handmaden. The readme says it gives her a Goth like look, though I feel as though it is not that much Gothlike as most of her face is normal save the purpal lipstick and the black eye shadow. I like these transitions a lot better then a face that looks like a cracked desert or other very unnatractive looks for darkside people.




Just unzip/ copy and paste all the files into your override folder, if you dont have one, make one, in you star wars knights of the old republic II: The Sith Lords folder.

This mod has darkside transitions for Handmaiden, made to look more darkside than others, gives her a "bad girl" lipstick and gives her "darth maul eyes" on the last transition

just remove all the files listed below from your overrides folder.


P_HandmaidenHD2 -  3rd and final darkside transition
P_HandmaidenHD1 - 2nd darkside transition
P_HandmaidenH  - 1st darkside transtion

This mod is in NO way supported by lucasarts or Obsidian.

all rights reserved by Dark_pegasus

DO NOT MODIFY. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. email me at dark_pegasus20[email protected] for permission to redistribute/modify/anything else

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