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The force, it has been referred to in millions of shows, books, movies, and of course games. When you think of "The Force" the first thing that comes to mind is either Luke Skywalker or in most guy's cases Bastila using the force to seduce you.:lol: Anyway you get my point "The Force" just is one of those things that has been with us for a long time and reminds us of a world where Jedi and Sith battle to keep order, or in the Sith's case, chaos in the galaxies. That is why I just can't help but get excited when I see a modder has built new force powers for a character. It just really gets me stoked to go out ad play the game again. Well I think that is enough rambling, let me get to the review.

Our friend, Glovemaster, has made an update for his new "Handy Force Powers" mod that I personally think looks really... REALLY cool. For instants one of them works like the "whereami armband" Darth333 made but GM's version of this is a little different, instead of it being a console he has made it a force power and gave it a totally radical new effect that is hard to describe but is very cool. The other ones have less of a cool effect but are still really awesome.

So all in all I really have to say it GM, you did a great job on these. They just have a certain element that makes them look wickedly awesome. So really GOOD JOB! Now to all of you out thee who just can wait to get your hands on this awesome update, have at it and like always enjoy.;)

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




After looking at the amount of downloads that version 1.0 had ;D
I realised that i would have to make a patcher aswell.

If you have installed v1.0 then use the patcher in the "Patch 1.0" folder

If you have NOT installed v1.0 then use the installer in the "v2.0" folder

Enjoy! ;)

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