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This is a very simple, neat little mod. I can remember being very irritated when you'd see Atton punching buttons on the Ebon Hawk while still holding those two sword I'd equipped him with. It was actually a major irritation, now that I remember it. This mod should fix a lot of that. It is simple in the sense that it alters animations.2da to set the "hideequippeditems" variable to 1 (true) for some of the animations that are played in cutscenes. I think it's a great idea, personally, and while (unfortunately) the patcher wasn't used to make this mod compatible with others that alter animations.2da, it should be quite easy to replicate the effects of this mod, simply by altering that column. Personally I think this is a simple, yet effective an quite necessary mod, if just to remove a small headache!




Thankyou for Downloading Hide Weapons in Animations!
What It does:
In simple terms, it "Hides" weapons when a certain
animation is played. For example, atton won't type on the
ebon hawks console, with two vibroblades in his hands.
Place in your Kotor 2 Override folder, if you don't have one,
simple make one.
Remove "Animations.2da" From your override folder.
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