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Well, Keiko brings us a a well executed re-skin of Hk-47, the re-skin looks good - making HK more of a red colour, adding a few more 'bullet holes' and redder eyes, to give HK more of an assassin feel in Keiko own words, and has been done with a decent level of skill - As with all skins, best to decide from the screenshots if this mod is for you or not, as re-skins are the most subjective of all the mods produced due to everyone having different tastes. I certainly think this is worth a download though, if you have become bored with HK's default appearance, and want a tweak to his appearance.

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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Download 'hk47_reskin_by_keiko.rar' (574KB)

From the readme....

HK-47 Reskin By Keiko

Just drop "P_hk47_01", and "PO_PHk47" into your "Override" folder and you should be good to go!

Thanks for downloading my reskin! :D


Fred T. for KT

Note this file is in .rar format, in order to open you must have winrar!

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