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Well, well, well. Archer has really done it this time. The author is well known here for his mods that are usually for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. Though it’s not the first time he’s done a mod for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, it is one of the rare times compare to the amount of K1 mods that he’s released. This also our 500th mod on this site.

I do have to say this is by far the best mod he’s ever put together. He told me that it took about a month to complete. After seeing the work the author has put together, I can see why it would take this long. This mod restores the HK Factory on Telos. Due to time constraints the HK Factory was cut from TSL. Yes, the TSL Restoration Project is working on getting this done, so no need to mention that. Also consider if you feel like it needs to be said that the TSLRP is doing it without taking the time to read the review, it has been in the works for two years now and no release date has been announced. It’s possible it could be within the next month, but it also could mean within the next year. We just don’t know. I, for one am grateful for the hard work the TSLRP are putting in to complete it because it’s going to be a fantastic mod and I can’t wait to play it.

For the time being, for those who really want to see how the HK Factory plays out and can’t wait, download and use this mod. Also as a bonus, there is a new recruit included for this mod. He’s called HK-49 and he replaces G0-T0. Make sure if you want this mod to work properly, you need have a saved game before HK-47 joins your party. You also need to access the sonic sensor dialogue with HK-47 to get back to Telos to raid the HK Factory.

There are lots of other things to consider about using this mod, so be sure to read the readme for instructions on how to use it. This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation and file merging that is needed. This mod also is available in English and German. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


Update: Make sure you get the 1.1 update after you have installed this mod first. You can get that here.



 ---- HK-Factory Reconstructed by Archer ---- 

Finished! After a whole month of workinf it's finally finished! So you'll want to know what this mod does, won't you? It basically reconstructs the HK-Factory which was cut out from the game because lucas arts wanted to release the game too early. But it also does many other things, so here is a short recapitualtion of all its effects:
 - Reconstruction of the unfinished HK-Factory
 - Possiblity to enter the factory without cheating and without the PC
 - Expansion of the HK-Factory with several things (for example with a huge and battle)
 - 1 new partymember (HK-49, he replaces GO-TO but he doesn't speak GO-TO's dialogues but instead he speaks his own ones):
   - long dialog with HK-49
   - Detailed background story of HK-49
   - Influence over HK-49 (Doesn't change his attitude and it only depends on your attitude; sorry, wasn't able to do this a better way)
   - new unique weapons for HK-49
   - new Skin for HK-49 (not made by me, see credits)
   - new portrait for Hk-49
   - Interaction of HK-49 with other partymembers (sometimes really funny)
   - HK-49 is not the same character as HK-47, he's totally different
- New end boss in the factory
- many ways of playing the factory
- New end
- special music for the end battle
- Installation comfortable by using TSL-Patcher
- German and English version

Just double-click the .exe in the "English Version" directory for the English version of the mod and the .exe in the "German Version" folder for the German version of the mod. (If you don't use the German version of KotOR, you always have to select the English version)

Just remove all files of the mod (look into the tslpatchdata directoy to view them all):
 - the gbl[...].wav - files have to be removed from your Streamvoice\gbl\hk49 directoy
 - the .rim and the .erf files have to be romoved from the Modules directory
 - the .bik file shave to be removed from the Movies folder
 - final_hk_theme.wav and mus_bat_299.mp3 have to be removed from the Streammusic directory
 - the rest has to be removed from the Override directory
After that move the files in the backup folder (can be found in the directoy of the installation-.exe you used) into your Override directory (except the dialog.tlk, it has to be moved to the SWKotOR2 main directory).

Load a game where HK-47 has *not* been activated yet, activate him and speak with him. When he asks you why you speak so many languages and you answer that you found a sonic sensor on Peragus, let HK-47 examine the sensor, don't go back to the other questions and after a short dialog about the sensor, choose the [Repair] - Dialog option.

It can be pretty helpful to explore the whole first level. Escpecially some computer options may help with beating the final battle.


For providing files:
 - darth333 for d3_opendoor.ncs ("where am I" armband)
 - the maker of HK-T3 reskins, I don't know his nickname because pcgamemods.com iks currently down, but he wrote that anyone can use his skins as long as he is mentoined in the readme, for providing the black and the golden HK-Reskin (will be updated with his nackname as soon as pcgamemods.com is online again)
 - the one who uploaded the blank factory modules, again I don't know his name because of him not mentioning it in the readme and pcgamemods.com being down; sorry but the files are form Lucas Arts so I'm allowed to use them
 - Lucas Arts and Obsidian for all files from KotOR / KotOR II

 - my friend S. (cut first name) for being such a big fan of my mods
 - tanesh for helping all the time
 - sithofficer whose enthusiasm for KotOR had been very motivating for me

Makers of Tools:
 - Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool
 - ERF Editor by stoffe -mkb-
 - Dlg Editor by tk102
 - DeNCS by Jdnoa and Dashus
 - Script Editor by LoneFerret
 - DLG Converter by tk102

Terms of use:
You have to email me and get my permission before you use parts of this mod in an other mod or in an other kind of release. ([email protected]).

Known Bugs:
- Incompatiblity with Kolotank on Ebon Hawk
- no beginning cutscene--> Don't go back through the door behind you. Just continue playing. After a very short time it will play and the door behind you will close. 
- It may happen that some mouse and keyboard functions don'T work after the start of the first factory level ---> save ---> load ----> problem solved 
- The end battle doesn't initiate ---> shoot one time the HK-50 you spoke to and one time HK-48 ---> battle begins
- Don't let any partymembers been killed if you choose the aggressive way! 

- global.jrl compatibel with DAP

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