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HouseOfAmon has returned. This is the first time I’ve reviewed one of his files since last summer. He did send in some mods in January, but I was on vacation and didn’t have the opportunity to review any of them. It’s cool to see him still in the modding community as we’ve all benefited from his work. This mod the author is releasing many of his mods put together and they’re updated for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. How about that, a mod pack with updates!

Let’s start off with the lightsaber switch. It’s works like an armband. When you activate it, it turns on your lightsaber. There’s also a switch that turns on all of your party members lightsabers. With this, you can run around any module and your lightsaber will stay on. Pretty neat trick if you ask me.

The next thing I’ll mention is the Revan’s mask model. What this does is give you the opportunity to wear Darth Revan’s mask and hood. What’s cool about this update is you can new wear the light side version of the mask and hood, plus most of your organic party members can wear them too. I do know that being Darth Revan in any way, shape, or form is a very popular idea.

And the last thing that this mod has an update to is the Influence Bug Fix. It’s the 1.2 version. This fix helps party member’s dark or light alignment to by at your PC’s alignment. The problem with TSL by default is when you got your party members at 100% influence, they’re alignment shifts around at random sometimes and it will be somewhere it shouldn’t. This fixes it. There are other optional mods that are included if you read the readme. Enjoy the new updates everybody! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




HOA: Mod Pack v1.0
Author: Smoke (a.k.a HouseOfAmon)


This mod is a combination of all my TSL mods, it also contains, new content, and bug fixes, for all of those mods..

Mods Included

Lightsaber On/Off Switch v1.3
Revan Mask v1.1 + Star Forge Robes(Dark & Light versions)
Influence Bug Fix v1.2

Optional Mod: Infinite Force Power v1.0(By: HouseOfAmon)
Optional Mod: Party XP Bug Fix(By: Lit Ridl)

Details about the mods, and whats new with them can be found in the README folder, there is a readme file for each of the mods that details what has been changed... 

The two optional mods readme's are located in their respective folders(extras, and compatibility patches)....

NOTE: I have included some reskins I did for the new robes, and for the hoods, I don't
claim to be a skinner, so they are not the greatest, but they do the trick, so if you want to use your own skin, or one from another mod, feel free to do so, I won't lie awake at night crying about it, I promise.. ;)


Just point it to your SWKotor2 folder, and hit install.

The installer will handle everything, so whether you have old versions of my mod or not, everything should install just fine. 

NOTE: Should you ever want to change you install options, and use one of the optional mods, don't be afraid to use the installer again to do this, I set it up so that it could be ran multiple times, and not mess anything up... 


Shem - For helping with a lot of stuff, it would have been crap without ya, thanks man..
Lit Ridl - For letting me use the Party XP Bug Fix...
Stoffe - For your excellent patcher tool, and all the help you gave me in general..

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