Hunt for the Sith



Mod Rating: Beginner

During the Battle of Onderon, the Exile sent three of his party members on a mission to secure Freedon Nadd’s tomb on Dxun. It was unique in a way as you get to choose which three you want to use except for Kreia as she had to be with the Exile during the Onderon part. I also thought it helped make more use out of your party members, giving them more of an opportunity to contribute. That is what I wished to have seen more of in the Knights of the Old Republic games.

Revan_Malak is back with another mod for you to download in which he received help from Jediheman. It’s another saved game type of mod where you play the part on the Dxun moon with your party members only, but this time you get to play with HK-47, HK-50, and HK-51. These droids are on a mission to stop the Sith in this one.

Want to know more of what you’re going to get? Read the readme as it tells you what level you’re going to be at and what type of weapons you get also. There’s also a joke about editing it with the KSE in the readme so don’t take it seriously. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




*This file was made by Revan_Malak with help from Jediheman*
So time for a description, you basically got HK 47,50 and 51 hunting for Sith. Equipped with a weapon that I made using the workbench,
that has damage from 20 to 40.They all have Stealth Field generators, so they could hunt their targets like real assassins! The Power
Blast, Rapid Shot and Sniper Shot are all in the best possible condition. They are all at level 16 so don't expect to win by going Kamikaze!
This can not be edited!To be honest you wouldn't want to edit it!I have put a virus that will destroy you're windows forever if you try to
edit it!Just kidding!

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