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Just when you were all having fun using that Stormtrooper mod by Prime in the original Knights of the Old Republic game, this mod has...


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Just when you were all having fun using that Stormtrooper mod by Prime in the original Knights of the Old Republic game, this mod has been done for the sequel, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and now has made its way here to the FileFront network.

Just like with the KOTOR version of this mod, Bneezy helped import the Stormtrooper helmet model into TSL and Mono_Giganto has brought in E-ll Baster Rifle also in this mod. The author makes it possible for us to be like or have the Sith Soldiers be the Stormtroopers. I really love have this turned out and I must say that I know many people will be happy with having the feel of the Star Wars movies in their TSL game.

There are four .2da files that are included in this mod release (appearance, heads, and both item create files) which will require some .2da editing if you are using those particular files in your override. You can make the Stormtrooper items because of the feature of making items at the workbench that is in TSL. Enjoy having this in TSL! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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TSL Stormtrooper Mod

Skinner & Model Porter: Prime

Helmet Model Importer: Bneezy

E-ll Baster Rifle: Mono_Giganto

This mod adds a set of Imperial stormtrooper armour, both for the player 
and Sith troopers.  This includes both the body armour suit, helmet, and a blaster 
for the PC.  Along with altering the characters appearance, the stormtrooper armour 
provides the following bonuses:

Armour suit:
Defense +12
Max Dexterity Bonus +0
Limited environmental protection

Awareness +2

The files included in the mod are:

PMBH15.tga - texture for the stormtrooper PC armour suit
ia_class9_015.tga - inventorty icon for the armour suit
storm_armour.uti - armour suit parameters and specifications

helmet.tga - texture for the stormtrooper helmet
ii_mask_099.tga - inventory icon for the helmet
i_mask_099.mdl - helmet model mdl file
i_mask_099.mdx - helmet model mdx file
helmet.txi - texture reflectiveness definition
storm_helmet.uti - helmet parameters and specifications

w_blstrrfl_065.tga - texture for the E-11 blaster rifle
w_BlstrRfl_065.mdl - model for blaster
w_BlstrRfl_065.mdx - model for blaster
iw_blstrrfl_065.tga - inventory icon for the blaster
w_blstrrfl_065.txi - texture reflectiveness definition
g_w_blstrrfl065.uti - blaster item definition

Sith Trooper replacement
PMBH01.tga - texture for the stormtrooper replacement armour suit
appearance.2da - alters the Sith troopers to use stormtrooper armour
heads.2da - specifies new head to use for troopers
itemcreate.2da - allows helmet, armour, and blaster to be creatable on the workbench
itemcreatemira.2da - allows helmet, armour, and blaster to be creatable on the workbench
STHA04.mdl - helmet model for trooper replacement
STHA04.mdx - helmet model for trooper replacement

The stormtrooper gear can be installed in by the following steps:

1. Extract all the files into the Override folder in the The Sith Lords directory.  The
files will be placed inside their own directory in there.  This allows the armour to be 
created during the course of the game, and replaces the Sith troopers with stormtroopers.  
Note: a high enough experience level and repair skill are required to create the player items.

2. Using the "giveitem" cheat command (Optional!)
This method will add the armour and helmet to the player character's inventory.
To enable cheats, in your game directory edit swkotor.ini and under [Game Options] 
add EnableCheats=1.  Start the game then when playing press ' to bring down the console
prompt, which is not visible.

At the console prompt, type "giveitem storm_armour" to add the armour suit to the
inventory.  To add the helmet, type "giveitem storm_helmet".  For the blaster, type
"giveitem g_w_blstrrfl065."  These can then be equiped by the player with the appropriate 
feats from the inventory screen.

Modding Information:

Several configuration files have been altered from the original game.  The following is 
information that can be used to combine this mod with others that affect the same files.
You will require the kotor_tool to merge these files. 

- edited line 28 Sith_Soldier_01
- edited line 44 Sith_Soldier_02
- edited line 261 Sith_Soldier_03
- edited line 338 Lite_Sith_Soldier
- edited line 508 Sith_Commando_01_A
- edited line 509 Sith_Commando_01_B
- edited line 510 Sith_Commando_01_C

- added line 192

- added line 209 storm_armour
- added line 210 storm_helmet
- added line 211 g_w_blstrrfl065

- added line 214 storm_armour
- added line 215 storm_helmet
- added line 216 g_w_blstrrfl065

Known Issues:
There are no known issues.  However, the helmet is a little big to accomidate all the 
player heads. 

If you encounter issues, please report them to the email address
I will do what I can to correct them.

There are lots of people to thank for helping make this mod a reality.  Thanks to 
Hapslash for allowing us to us his Jedi Academy stormtrooper helmet, and bneezy for doing the
original port to KOTOR.  A big thanks to cchargin for creating MDLOps, allowing me to convert
the helmet and blaster models to TSL format.  And finally, thanks to Mono_Giganto for providing 
the great E-11 baster model and skin.

Thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the truly fantastic kotor editing
tool.  Also a appreciative shout out to the many friendly folks at the
Lucasforums' Holowan Laboratories board who have provided guidance and insight as well
as answering numerous questions.   

Finally, thanks to Bioware for making a truly kick ass game...

You may alter or modify these files for your own personal use.  

If you wish to use any or all of these files for you own public mod, please
contact us for permission at the email addresses at the beginning of the file.  If we grant 
permission, please give us credit and include the readme file for this mod.

If you wish to use the stormtrooper helmet in a mod, you will also have to get permission
from the model's creator Hapslash.

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