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Ever notice at times the alignment of your party members can fluctuate from time to time away from your PC alignment? In the game, 0 is 100...


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Ever notice at times the alignment of your party members can fluctuate from time to time away from your PC alignment? In the game, 0 is 100% dark side, and 100 is 100% light side. So let’s say your PC is at 4 (almost dark side), you have 100% influence on let’s say the Handmaiden. Then you see that she’s at 15, then all of a sudden, she’s at 2. Some of you have an idea of what I’m talking about. If you have noticed this bug and it really bothers you, this mod is designed to fix the alignment to be exactly as yours so it won’t annoy you anymore. ;)

As always, Kreia is always Neutral no matter what, so that hasn’t changed, but the author felt that HK-47 needed something changed. No matter how much influence you have on him and no matter what your alignment is, he’s always going to be on the dark side. Personally, I agree. Just listen to that droid talk about killing is enough to know that even if you have 100% influence on him, and you’re alignment is at 100, he’s a dark side droid that loves to kill.

This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation. Just follow the instructions in the readme. Enjoy this mod. :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'influence_bug_fix_v11.1.rar' (241KB)

Influence Bug Fix  v1.1
By Smoke...

This mod helps rid the game of the influence bug, the bug causes your npc's alignments to fluctuate... It does this for you in this version, unfortunately, it only runs every 3 seconds, so the bug can occur still, but you dont have to do anything to fix it. Just wait 3 seconds and it will fix it again..

Also new to this version, I have raised the amount of influence needed with each npc before you can affect their alignment..
I have also tweaked some of the npc alignment values for when the exile has a low influence over them..


This does not use the games normal system of setting alignment, it uses a custom system I have built..  It works as shown in the following eplanation...

Special Cases
Kreia = Always Neutral
HK-47 = Always Evil (I think most ppl will agree its just not right for him to be light side)

Low Influence
I wont detail the npc's just suffice to say I tried to make their alignment match their character, I think its pretty good representation of each npc, and their disposition...  Or in other words since the exile doesnt have that powerfull of an influence over them, their alignments fit their personality... Hope I was clear here... 

High Influence
Under this case, all npc's except those noted in the special cases section, will match the exiles alignment....



its easy, in fact if you are reading this, then you are half way there already.. Now click the install button, and point it to your SWKOTOR2 folder...

If the installer tells you this file didnt install because it already exist "k_hen_heartbt01.ncs" you cannot use this mod, as it will be incompatible with an already installed mod, you will need to use v1.0, it has the same basic function as this mod, it just uses an armband to activate the fix...  You can however use the updated bp_influence_fix.ncs file with the v1.0 mod...


Delete the following files from your override directory...

1. bp_influence_fix.ncs
2. k_hen_heartbt01.ncs  ( If you encountered an error during install saying this file already existed, dont delete it)

Thats it..



Well thats about it... Enjoy..

if you have any suggestion, visit the mods thread.. At Holowan Labs on

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