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Drewton is back with a skin that turns the PC into Jarael from the KotOR comic series. The reskin isn't 100% accurate as Drewton, hasn't yet learned how to vary a face so that it is different on either side. In a version 2 I would suggest Dark Side transitions, as this skin, would seem to me, more likely for a DS player. As with all aesthetic mods please review the screenshots, and see if looking like Jarael is for you!

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Download 'jarael.zip' (1.27MB)

Copy all of the files to your KOTOR Override folder. The 2da files have been altered so you don't have to start an entirely new game or mod it yourself for your player to use the Jarael head model/skin if you're not using PFHC05. Additionally, the player portraits have been replaced with one of Jarael.

Permission is granted to use this as long as credit is given in images and videos such as on YouTube, but the skin may not be used in other mods without my permission.

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