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New robes are always run to download and try out. Most of it is because you see a robe in a screenshot that you feel you must have because...


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New robes are always run to download and try out. Most of it is because you see a robe in a screenshot that you feel you must have because it has a look that you feel fits your character’s personality that you’re creating.

Merios makes his KotorFiles debut, his second video game mod ever. His first one was released at JKFiles just over a month ago. Anyway, the author brings you new robes to download and use for the game Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. It’s based on the Padawan robe style. The templates for the most part were made by Darth Moeller well over 38 months ago, though Achilles supplied them to the public after some work was done on them by Oldflash. One thing you will need to know that Svosh has a role in these templates that were released for public use as it’s based on his collar fix. That means you will need to download that fix in order for these robes to work right if you haven’t already or they’ll look very funny in the game. Something the author forgot to mention in his readme. ;)

The author has provided seven new colors to choose from in this release. To get the robes, you will need to use the cheat console or KSE. The codes are provided in the readme file. Have fun! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (1.54MB)

AUTHOR: Merios/xbx_inthusiast

EMAIL: -snip-

NAME: Jedi Prestige “Padawan” Robes



CREDIT: Achlles for his Padawan Robe Templates, Darth Insidious for supplying me with the original files, Lucasarts/Obsidian.

The original Master robes tended to look a little nasty, so I decided to throw in a bunch of new robes in the Padawan robe shape. They're all custom items with custom stats/descriptions/icons/skins. Though, they're not put in game via a placeable or script yet.

Extract the files from the archive and drag them into your override folder, leaving out the Readme, of course.

Optional: Use the folders supplied to help with clutter. (As in, just drag the folders to your override)

Delete the folders/files in your Override folder.

Here are the cheats to be able to get it to work in game:
“Force Warrior Robe”
giveitem forcewarrior

“Jedi General Robe”
giveitem jedigeneral

“Jedi Healer Robe”
giveitem jedihealer

“Jedi Librarian Robe”
giveitem jedilibrarian

“Jedi Master's Robe”
giveitem masterrobe

“Jedi Watchman Robe”
giveitem watchman

“Jedi Weaponmaster Robe”
giveitem weaponmaster

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