Jedi Robe and Armor Reskin

One thing that I have noticed throughout the Star Wars movies is the Jedi robe. Its style is a symbol of the Jedi Order. Traditionally the...


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One thing that I have noticed throughout the Star Wars movies is the Jedi robe. Its style is a symbol of the Jedi Order. Traditionally they have some sort of brown shade of color in them in some form or another. The original Knights of the Old Republic came out with a completely original style. I remember thinking that it was 4000 years ago and styles could have been a lot different back then. Then the sequel, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the style went to more of the robes we saw in the Prequel Trilogy. They still had their own look, but a similar style to the Prequels. So much has changed in 5 years in the events of both games I would guess.

Here we have Oldflash’s first original Jedi robe mod for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. You get lots of new robe skins and colors to play around with to replace the old default skins. Also the Jedi Master model version is replaced with the Padawan version of the robe with their own skins. Also included in this mod release new Jedi Armor. For those who are wondering it’s the Zeison Sha/Jal Shey style armor. Well, the author didn’t like that style, so he went with a more traditional style of armor you see in both KOTOR games, but with new skins. The stats aren’t modified in this release, more like an overall appearance change. Enjoy the mod.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (10.18MB)

Change apparence for Jedi Master Robe with Jedi Robe and reskin for all (handmaiden robe included)

*** IMPORTANT ****
This mod containt 4 section: 
1. Jedi Robe Reskin
2. Jedi Master Robe model changed + reskin
3. Jedi Armor model changed + reskin
4. Bonus texture for 3 robe (I use this for Atton, Disciple and Mira)

note: binary models for jedi armor was modifyed

For those who have not alterate appearence for jedi master robe using "appearence.2da" shold not be a compatibility ploblem. In this condition it will work just fine.


No stats modification, no super power, no ".2da" used, no ".uti" used

Don't know about any conflict with other mods... (sorry)

Error with mods who use aparence.2da and have modification on col."texn" and "texm"

Should be easy to use... No need for starting a new game. Work with old save's

Space request: 50.4 Mb

The pack contain (90 Files): 

1. Jedi Robe (just reskin/same order in info picture)
a_robe_02: Padawan Robe pfbi01.tga/pmbi01.tga
a_robe_27: Jolee's Robe pfbi02.tga/pmbi02.tga
a_robe_03: Dark Padawan Robe pfbi03.tga/pmbi03.tga
a_robe_08: Jedi Robe pfbi04.tga/pmbi04.tga
a_robe_09: Dark Jedi Robe pfbi06.tga/pmbi06.tga
a_robe_04: Baran Do Novice Robe pfbi07.tga/pmbi07.tga
a_robe_21: Ossus Keeper Robe pfbi08.tga/pmbi08.tga
a_robe_10: Norris Robe pfbi09.tga/pmbi09.tga
a_robe_19: Baran Do Sage Robe pfbi10.tga/pmbi10.tga
ia_jedirobe_001->010 .tga (icon files)

2. Jedi Master Robe (replace model and reskin - same order in pics)

binary models:

a_robe_13:{13}Jedi Knight Robe pfbn01.tga
a_robe_25:{25}Sylvar's Robe pfbn02.tga
a_robe_29:{29}Crado's Robe pfbn03.tga
a_robe_14:{14}Dark Jedi Knight Robe pfbn04.tga
a_robe_12:{12}Gray Jedi Robe pfbn05.tga
a_robe_17:{17}Jedi Master Robe pfbn06.tga
a_robe_22:{22}Natth Cowling pfbn07.tga
a_robe_28:{28}Thon's Robe pfbn08.tga
a_robe_x01:{x01}Handmaiden's Robe pfbn09.tga
a_robe_18:{18}Dark Jedi Master Robe pfbn10.tga
a_robe_24:{24}Aleema Keto's Robe pfbn11.tga
a_robe_15:{15}Matukai Adept Robe pfbn12.tga
a_robe_05:{05}Matukai Apprentice Robe pfbn13.tga
a_robe_30:{30}Nomi's Robe pfbn14.tga
a_robe_23:{23}Arca Jeth's Robe pfbn15.tga
ia_mstrrobe_001->015 .tga (icon files)
*** note: for jedi master robe is no deed for pmbn*.tga

3. Jedi Armor (replace model and reskin - same order in pics)
binary models:

cm_baremetal.tga (beware of this one - major vizual modification) - no problem if you decide to delete or not install)
A_robe_16 Zeison Sha Warrior Armor pfbm01.tga
A_robe_06 Zeison Sha Initiate Armor pfbm02.tga
A_robe_07 Jal Shey Neophyte Armor pfbm03.tga
A_robe_11 Jal Shey Advisor Armor pfbm03.tga (same as Jal Shey Neophyte Armor)
A_robe_20 Jal Shey Mentor Armor pfbm06.tga
A_robe_26 Darth Malak's Armor pfbm05.tga
ia_classzs_001->006 .tga (icon files)

4. Bonus texture
pmbi93.tga-pfbi93.tga (do not use on male model-looks like s...)
ia_jedirobe_091->093 .tga (icon files)

Installation and Uninstallation:

To install put the files in the override folder. 
To uninstall remove the files.

Fred Tetra

terms: free for use, for anythink else ask.

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