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HK-42 returns with another add on to Deathdisco's highly popular Jedi Temple Mod. This is an exciting update as it now makes Coruscant a moving planet. This also contains everything was in previous versions of the add-on, found here; http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/;96522

To quote the reviews from Version 1;

"HK42 makes their debut with a Mod that should be combined with deathdisco's popular Coruscant Jedi Temple mod. This mod is well executed as it adds new loads screens for the temple. These load screens are very well done; and you should check out the screenshots to see what your getting, if I had deathdisco's mod installed I would certainly have this installed too!"

and Version 2;

"Wow, HK42, returns with a very cool update to his Jedi Temple Load screen's mod - this version adds Coruscant to the Galaxy map, as well as containing the original, very well done load screen's. I must say it's great to see Coruscant on the Galaxy map, looking this good so well done to HK42"

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Jedi Temple Loadscreens Mod (2)
Author: HK-42
Original: Deathdisco

*****Version 3*****
Version 3 adds a custom planet model. Which is the little rotating thing when you click on a planet. At first I thought I couldnt do it, but when working on Ryloth/Ansion planet Mod I realized that it was possible, and I had made a mistake making it.

INSTALL: Run the patcher. If you have previous versions installed no need to worry if will simply overrite them.

Bugs: None that I know of, be sure to check the possible bugs in previous sections below.

Deathdico: Making the mod in the first place, and giving me permission to make Eyecandy.
Model Editing: Me
Making texture: Me
Changing the texture to make the file wrap around the model right: Star Admiral
Thanks to the Holowan for great Tutorials.

PERMISSIONS: Ask Deathdico first. Then ask me for my things(only Icon, Loadscreens, and Model.)


*****Version 2*****
Version 2 adds a custom planet icon to Coruscant, replacing the reused planet icon. It does not replace the rotating
module yet, maybe that in a version 3.

INSTALL: Drop the gal_cor_2.tga file in the SAME folder you had the original mod. That would be the override OR a folder
within the override, make sure you hit yes when it asks: Would you like to replace existing.

Bugs: None that I no of....contact me at lucasforums, email me, or place comment at kotorfiles, if you find one.

Icon: Me
Help(with alpha channel): People At LF expecially Steam
For the Original Mod: Deathdisco(once again I had permission for this, loadscreens, and any other eyecandy addons

If you want something else for this contact me in a way said above!!!!

This mod sdds some simple Loading screens to the Coruscant Jedi Temple Mod by deathdisco. I do have permission from

Permissions: First ask Deathdisco, then ask me(for loadscreens or icons nothing else) then give credit


Simple drop the 3 files in the override. Make sure the jedi temple mod is installed(duh) and there you go play away.


Loadscreens: HK-42
The Jedi Temple Mod: Deathdisco
For Helping me with problems: DStoney
If there are others(I dont see how) please contact me.

TGA files are upside down dont worry they shouldnt be upright in the game. If they are upsidedown(in game) tell me 
and ill make a update with both versions due to the fact when upright on my copy of the game they appeared upside 

Below the pictures the color is smeared. This I cant fix though I tried.(If you know how to fix or know how I can
improve these pm me at Lucasforums as HK-42.)

I dont know any others so if you find one please tell me.


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